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August Honorees


Wayne Howell, Capital Maintenance Project Engineer, Architect II, has been with DGS for 35 years, and he has maintained a positive attitude throughout this time. His enthusiasm and the extra effort he makes are on display every day. Wayne’s hard work, sincerity, perseverance and diligence are evident in everything he does. He handles tasks assigned to him with a high level of proficiency and works collaboratively with others. Wayne’s success is rooted in his unfaltering loyalty and dedication to DGS.


Pfc. Vincent Kurek works the evening shift for the Maryland Capitol Police Baltimore Detachment. He has served the department for more than 27 ½ years, providing safety and security to State Center employees and the citizens living in the area.

On July 24 this year, Pfc. Kurek was on patrol in the area of Preston and Eutaw Streets when he observed Baltimore City police officers chasing a subject on foot on Eutaw Street. Pfc. Kurek assisted in the chase, and the suspect was apprehended a few blocks later. It was revealed after capture that the suspect was wanted in several armed robbery incidents in this area. Pfc. Kurek’s quick response and support helped with the successful capture of the suspect, without injury or further disruption to the local area. He was Caught DGSing for being observant, at the ready, and providing a safe environment for state employees and local citizens – and for getting a dangerous person off of the street.

Rob Ross has been an essential member of FOM on the Eastern Shore for 20 years. He was the maintenance supervisor at the Centreville Multi-Service Center and recently transferred to the Denton Multi-Service Center. When a coworker retired in August 2018, Rob filled in as maintenance supervisor for both buildings until the Centreville position was filled. He traveled between the two locations and kept them running smoothly, all with a positive attitude.

Rob has a wealth of knowledge and extensive mechanical experience. A supportive mentor, his guidance and motivation brings out the best in his employees, who share his pride in their work caring for the buildings and grounds. For these reason, Rob is Caught DGSing!

Sean Stinnett, Federal Surplus Program Administrator & Acting Director of the Surplus Property Division, has long been the champion of the YouthWorks program. He has worked tirelessly year after year to ensure that Baltimore City high school students participating in the program have a meaningful experience with lasting impact. The students learn firsthand about the importance of public service and the demands of a job during a time in their lives where they are thinking about their post-high-school future. Maybe one of these young adults will be inspired to choose public service. They will have Sean to thank for the opportunity that started them on this path.

For his dedication to the youth of Baltimore and the YouthWorks program, Sean has been Caught DGSing outside of his normal work responsibilities!