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July Honoree – Security Officer Mechiko Moulden

Security Officer Mechiko Moulden is with the MCP Annapolis Detachment. While on afternoon bike patrol in late April this year, she noticed a white ford van sitting in the middle of Calvert and Saint John’s streets. She approached the van and noticed that the driver was dazed and confused. Security Officer Moulden also saw that the van was in gear. She immediately put it in park and removed to keys to prevent a possible collision. Her experience and training lead her to immediately recognize that the driver was having a medical emergency, whereupon she called dispatch for medical services.

Security Officer Moulden’s quick thinking and fast action averted a more serious outcome, perhaps even the driver’s death. During the entire incident, she remained calm and assisted officers in making sure the driver received the proper medical attention. She demonstrated that she can remain level-headed in a stressful situation.

Security Officer Moulden has proven time and again that she is a role model for MCP by performing her job with dedication, integrity and attention to detail.