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March Caught DGS

Police Communications Officer (PCO) Audrey Hinton has been a loyal, dedicated employee of the Department of General Services, Maryland Capitol Police since October 2008. She has proven to be a valuable asset to the Communications team. Always at the ready and willing to lend a hand where needed, PCO Hinton has assisted in teaching other PCO’s various programs and equipment used in the dispatcher office, including criminal history databases, computer aided dispatch and MVA records.

PCO Hinton is often the first contact with the Maryland Capitol Police, and her professional demeanor and customer service skills make a great first impression for the agency. In addition to radio communications, she monitors the police camera system and building alarm system, and she fields calls for service from all over the agency and the public, similar to a 911 call center. She is well-versed in the challenges police communications officers face during stressful situations, maintaining a calm composure in the interest of the caller’s safety. Great Service”

PCO Hinton has a positive attitude and encourages her colleagues to do their best. She regularly volunteers to help other PCO’s improve their dispatch functions. She also volunteers in the community, participating with the Bea Gaddy Family Center in Baltimore to feed the homeless, deliver toys and other items to less-fortunate families at Christmas time, and provide back-to-school supplies and uniforms to needy children.


John Nuth is an electrician whose work covers the entire Annapolis Complex. He is a familiar figure in the buildings and parking lots, as he maintains and repairs electrical equipment, appliances, wiring and many different fixtures.

It takes a diverse and talented individual to handle snow equipment on a freezing winter morning and then inspect and install an electrical system in the afternoon. John is definitely that individual, always ready to handle an array of jobs. He has consistently made himself available at critical times, whether it involves an electrical problem or a flooding incident.  Whatever the circumstances, John not only shows up, but he shows up with a ‘can do, how can I help’ attitude.

We appreciate his commitment to getting the job done, no matter the job or what it takes.



George Thomas has become a valuable addition to the Facilities Engineering Division in the less than a year he’s been with the unit.  With more than 30 years of experience in construction and project management, George seamlessly fit in with the team from day one and hit the ground running. He immediately took on projects and adeptly managed them through design, solicitation, award and the construction process. While working through various project-related issues, George has gone above and beyond to exemplify the high level of service DGS strives to maintain with all of its customers.

One example is the way he managed a complex emergency project for Baltimore City Community College. Toward the end of summer 2018, the college’s chillers serving the Administration Wing were determined to be inadequate. Further investigation found that the main chiller wasn’t functional, and the back-up chiller was at the end of its useful life and incapable of meeting the HVAC needs for the entire building. George was given the task of managing the emergency procurement and subsequent chiller replacements. Using his skills and knack for understanding unique construction situations, he quickly procured the services of a mechanical contractor.

While working with the college to coordinate outages, manage street closures, and keep the tenants informed, George maintained a high level of customer service and professionalism. Within 45 days of the emergency declaration, the chillers were replaced. Emergency procurement actions are unique, and George superbly managed the process throughout, garnering positive feedback from our customer.