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July Caught DGS

Antoinette “Toni” Williams, an administrative specialist with FOM Baltimore, has been with DGS for two years. It would be difficult to focus on just one of the many attributes Toni brings to the table on a daily basis.  From administration to human resources; access control to after-hour building access; inventory to e-maintenance; she does a lot.

What’s easy to focus on is her willingness to help. Toni is that employee who will do without being asked. She arrives to work on time, works her shift, and is willing to stay late if necessary to complete tasks. From the time she arrives to time she leaves, Toni involves herself in most office matters and volunteers to take on the tasks that nobody else wants to do.

She handles emergency and difficult situations like they were routine. She is the nucleus of the office that helps get the job done.

On June 26, at approximately 2:40 PM., a report of an active shooter incident at the Capitol Gazette newspaper office at 888 Bestgate Road near the Annapolis Mall started flooding police radio channels. MCP personnel working in the Annapolis area immediately started to respond, along with allied agencies.

MCP units were some of the first responding law enforcement personnel to arrive at the scene. Without hesitating, they put themselves in harm’s away to assist with securing a perimeter around the incident and assisting victims and tenants to escape to safety. Shortly after the arrival of police personnel, the suspect was taken into custody without further incident.

The tragedy encompassed a large and complex crime scene and required immediate medical triage. MCP personnel remained at the scene assisting EMS and Anne Arundel Co. Police with a multitude of duties to include escorting witnesses from the crime scene, crime scene & perimeter security, traffic control and transporting people to the reunification center.

The law enforcement personnel who responded from MCP placed their lives on the line, knowing there was a gunman waiting to kill again. The officer’s performed swiftly and valiantly to evacuate and escort building occupants to safety. The following Police Officers responded to the scene:

Annapolis Detachment Personnel: Sergeant Dennis “Cliff” Donaldson, Police Officer Barry Shirriell, Police Officer Sandra Herndon, Police Officer Jerry Harris, Police Officer Jose Smith and Police Officer Hugo Guevara

Special Services Division Personnel: Sergeant Matthew Warehime and Sergeant Andre Davis

In addition, Police Communications Operator Tamera Blackston, on duty at the time, worked tirelessly to ensure that our personnel were accounted for and that essential radio communications continued at the scene and for personnel maintaining heightened security at our facilities.

Sergeants Cliff Donaldson and Matthew Warehime were instrumental in managing MCP’s continuing support at the scene and operations at state facilities in Annapolis. Sergeant Warehime served as the on-scene commander, ensuring MCP personnel were accounted for and providing whatever support Anne Arundel County Police required. Sergeant Donaldson kept command staff continuously updated with critical information to pass along to MCP Chief Michael Wilson and his executive staff.


Sharon Vanzie, a Procurement Officer II in the Office of Procurement & Logistics, has been with DGS for nine years. She demonstrates competent and diligent contract-management by holding vendors accountable to the T&C of awarded contracts, including working collaboratively with user agencies to document performance issues and compose appropriate correspondence to address unacceptable vendor performance.

Sharon regularly represents DGS Facilities Maintenance at external outreach programs, including the annual Business and Entrepreneurial Training Summit and business opportunities information session outreach events across the state. During these events, Sharon educates the vendor community on how to do business with the state. She recently awarded a $587,000 Janitorial Services contract for the Tawes State Office Building in Annapolis.