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May Employee of the Month – Kelly Walker

Kelly Walker has nearly 18 years with the DGS Public School Construction Program. Her ability to work as a liaison between departments is exceptional. Everyone already has something on their plate, but Kelly kindly takes on a little more as she coordinates multiple project submissions that are all, of course, “High Priority.”

Our unit was tasked with providing a super quick review of a large, high-profile project. Kelly grabbed the bull by the “?” and monitored the submission through the necessary review process -including procurement – in less than a week, when a project of that magnitude would normally take four weeks easily. Her efforts made it possible for the local agency to get the project out to bid in a timely manner, which helped them avoid escalated costs.

So if you are having issues with another unit, another department or a fellow colleague, then you need to sign up for Ms. Walker’s “Diplomacy 101” class!

On a side note I am known to be a little hyperactive, which sometimes causes me to veer slightly into other lanes; Kelly is helping me to slow it down! LOL!

Clarence Felder