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April Caught DGS

Cathy Marzola has been with DGS for 21 years. She manages the day-to-day operations virtually single-handedly for the Office of Business Programs’ eMaryland Marketplace helpdesk. Here she is the first line of support for customers in over 300 state and local organizations, as well as over 60,000 registered vendor companies. She is also the statewide vendor coordinator, ensuring vendor records are entered into ADPICS timely and error-free.

Not long ago, Cathy volunteered (without pay) several hours a week while out on medical leave to ensure that her colleagues’ work would continue with little to no interruptions. She is routinely recognized in customer service surveys for her knowledge, ability and most of all, patience in remedying issues ranging from basic password changes to more complex solicitation and bid response issues.

In the midst of all her demanding work, Cathy still finds time to participate in various state-sponsored events and charitable activities.

Since joining Baltimore Public Buildings and Grounds, Mike Rose and Rick Tyson have become integral members of the team. They are both called on for the most challenging job assignments, and they complete them as if they were simple routine tasks.

Mike is the building manager at William Donald Schaefer Tower and Rick is the building manager at the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. These alone are daunting tasks. Still, they often team up and are spotted assisting at other buildings whenever the need arises.

Recently, Mike and Rick sprang into action after receiving notification of a building-wide power outage at William Donald Schaefer Tower. They trouble-shot the high voltage electrical system and determined that we lost a feed coming into the building. After notifying BGE of the problem, they remained on site to assist building tenants until power was restored.

This is often the case throughout all of Baltimore’s buildings, regardless of the severity of the problem. From snow removal to repairing broken doors, Mike and Rick work as a team to see the task through to the end. Their attention to detail and dedicated service is an inspiration to all and is why they are often ‘Caught DGSing.’

Detective Warren Smith brings over 25 years of investigative experience from the Baltimore Police Department to MCP, where he uses his knowledge and training to mentor other officers and co-workers. After the retirement last December of two seasoned detectives, he immediately stepped into a leadership role and became the agency’s senior investigator.

Det. Smith is a self-starter and requires minimal supervision. He readily takes on new and difficult investigations with an open mind and a determination to find the truth. He conducts complete and thorough investigations, drawing reasonable conclusions with the state’s interests always at the forefront.

Det. Smith often brings new and innovative ideas on how to more efficiently complete his job. He has been acknowledged for his excellent work creating maps for CID and the command to use in conjunction with SHA to track our buildings and jurisdiction throughout Baltimore and Annapolis.

He is known for being able to work with allied agencies while conducting investigations and being a “go to guy” when agencies need MCP assistance. His ability to make people feel at ease when talking with him has reaped many rewards in solving cases where people might not feel comfortable talking with a police officer.

Det. Smith arrives each morning ‘dressed to impress’ and ready to get the job done!

Kelly Walker has nearly 18 years with the DGS Public School Construction Program. Her ability to work as a liaison between departments is exceptional. Everyone already has something on their plate, but Kelly kindly takes on a little more as she coordinates multiple project submissions that are all, of course, “High Priority.”

Our unit was tasked with providing a super quick review of a large, high-profile project. Kelly grabbed the bull by the “?” and monitored the submission through the necessary review process -including procurement – in less than a week, when a project of that magnitude would normally take four weeks easily. Her efforts made it possible for the local agency to get the project out to bid in a timely manner, which helped them avoid escalated costs.

So if you are having issues with another unit, another department or a fellow colleague, then you need to sign up for Mz. Walker’s “Diplomacy 101” class!

On a side note I am known to be a little hyperactive, which sometimes causes me to veer slightly into other lanes; Kelly is helping me to slow it down! LOL!

Clarence Felder