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February Caught DGS

Security Officer James Forrester has been with the Maryland Capitol Police for 14 years. Based with the Annapolis Detachment, he works the midnight shift and reports to work on time every night. Indeed, he has maintained perfect attendance since 2015. He can be counted on to perform his duties with due diligence and minimal supervision, and he regularly passes monthly inspections and takes care to maintain all issued equipment.

Several supervisors have commented on S/O Forrester’s professionalism, thoroughness and commitment to duty. He makes positive contributions to the midnight shift, is always willing to help out a coworker and gets along very well with his supervisors. He does a great job securing the many buildings at night and “presents a positive image of the department.” S/O Forrester consistently receives favorable Job Observation Report’ and high scores on his performance evaluations for his team-work and customer service.

“Security Officer Forrester did an excellent job by notifying his supervisor of a suspicious suit case at the Calvert Street garage, which turned out to be not a threat and was cleared by the Fire Marshals. S/O Forrester remained calm, courteous and professional the entire time of this incident,” said one of his supervisors.


Mel Kendle is the Maintenance Supervisor for the J. Louis Boublitz District Court in Hagerstown. He has been employed with the state for almost 24 years, and I have to say that he is a great asset to me and the DGS organization. He takes great pride in the building, which looks like it did when it opened in 2000. Last year, DGS senior staff visited the building for the first time, and they were surprised to see how immaculate Mel keeps the facility. I know as long as Mel is working, the building is in excellent hands. He is planning to retire soon, and I truly hate to see him go!  He will truly be missed! Del Stallings


Jane Roger began working in the Office of Real Estate in 2011 as a contract right-of-way agent.  She was hired in 2012 as a land acquisition and disposal agent and was promoted to Chief of the Land Acquisition and Disposal unit in 2017. During her tenure, Jane has proven to be a highly dedicated employee with strong customer service skills.

Jane has worked on several high level projects including the recent Rosewood transfer to Stevenson University and several right-of-way projects with Baltimore County. She played an instrumental role in negotiating with Stevenson University, the Department of Health and other stakeholders to bring the Stevenson transfer to fruition.

Jane is being recognized for her excellent customer service skills and her track record of going above and beyond to complete transactions and resolve issues. A recent example of Jane’s customer service skills was provided by a land owner in Charles County. Below are excerpts from this e-mail:

“We cannot begin to thank you enough for seeing through the end of our property nightmare with the Department of Natural Resources, which has been ongoing since the beginning of 2013.  We were unaware of our clouded title until 2013 when tried to sell our home and move.   You were the first state official that delivered on your promise since 2013.  We hope the State of Maryland will adopt your business model and that they appreciate your professionalism and ability to get the job done quickly.”