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Maryland Offers Fishing License Discount for 16-Year-Olds

New 16 in 16 Program in Effect through 2016

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Now through the end of 2016, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources is offering a half-price incentive to 16-year-old anglers purchasing a fishing license for the first time. In Maryland, anglers under the age of 16 are not required to possess licenses. 

“Young anglers are the environmental stewards of tomorrow,” Fisheries Service Director Dave Blazer said. “We are launching the 16 in 16 discount program to encourage them to engage and become committed to the future of fishing in Maryland.”

If you are 16 years old at the time of purchase in 2016, you will automatically receive a 50 percent discount on your 365-day resident, non-resident, non-tidal or Chesapeake Bay and Coastal fishing license. Not included in this discount program: recreational crabbing licenses, trout stamps, short-term licenses and sport boat licenses.

Licenses may be purchased online, through department service centers or at most bait and tackle shops and outdoor outfitters.

While spring has not yet arrived, fishing activities are already underway with biologists stocking trout across the state, yellow perch biting in rivers and lakes, and anglers catching and releasing striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay.

For information on sport fishing and crabbing in Maryland, please consult the Maryland Fishing Guide.

  • Roger Stumbaugh

    When will there be a discount for all the folks that have paid full price every year?

  • John R Shinham Sr.

    Agree Roger …. ALL of US, have kept the sustaining Programs, stocking costs, etc., for YEAR after YEAR, only to NOT be give a 50% reduction in OUR Fee ???? Totally discriminative, DNR Rewarding those who’ve had NO, NO contribution what so ever, who is coming up with These promotions?, … Two Kindergartners and a CHIMP ??? !!!!! … Some one ought to rethink of where to reward the Loyalty of TRUE Fisherman …. Just sayin’ …

  • Kevin Ward

    How much does a license for a 16 year old non resident from PA cost?

  • James

    A great idea to get kids hooked on fishing!

  • Philip Scolaro

    I love this idea! I strongly encourage the at risk youth I work with to take up fishing in my area. While they are usually very interested in the opportunity to fish, I have always ran into some trouble selling the idea that they need to pay for it. Many youth fished when they were younger and stop when they are old enough to be required to obtain a permit. This is a great investment to draw in another generation of anglers who abide by regs and laws!

  • Philip Scolaro

    on another note,

    I’ve been wanting to plan fishing trips with youth older than 16 as well. I work for a local non profit in Washington Co and use fishing trips for building positive coping skills with teens. The impoverished population I serve can not usually afford fishing licences. I was told in the past that even my teens 16 years and older youth could enjoy fishing days if I applied in advance for a group fishing day with specific number and location info. How do I do this? Is there a form?

    I’m sorry if this is more appropriate for another discussion. Please feel free to redirect me to a more appropriate location.

  • Joe Puller

    Why wasn’t this annouced earlier? I would have bought my son’s license earlier. He turned 17 January 22. I could have bought before that and paid half off. Paid full price for his last year too.