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Spring Trout Stocking Begins in Maryland Streams and Lakes

Four Locations to Receive Weekly DeliveriesTrout stocking - Matt Sell 2014 (2)

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service will stock about 338,000 rainbow, golden and brown trout throughout the state beginning in February.

Following the popularity of previous years’ weekly deliveries to Antietam Creek, department crews will do the same during the spring stocking season at Bear Creek in Garrett County, South Branch Patapsco River at River Road in Carroll County and at Lake Artemesia in Prince George’s County.

The department has added Unicorn Branch in Queen Anne’s County to the delivery list with the planned introduction of 600 trout downstream of Unicorn Lake, a two-fish per day area. Additionally, the previous seasonal closures of New Germany Lake and Herrington Creek in Garrett County have been removed. Anglers may fish these waters year round.

“Maryland’s trout stocking program begins with our expert team of biologists and technicians, who grow hundreds of thousands of fish from tiny fry to catchable size at our state hatcheries,” Fisheries Service Director Dave Blazer said. “This program provides excellent and convenient family fishing opportunities. It’s a hit with anglers of all ages and skill levels.”

The list of stocked locations is available at area tackle shops, Department of Natural Resources service centers and on its interactive Trout Stocking Map and Angler Access Map. The department also provides recorded weekly updates at 800-688-3467. Click here for a printable schedule. The exact timing for specific locations is dependent on weather, stream flow and ground conditions.

Most trout are grown at the 67-year-old Albert Powell Hatchery in Hagerstown and the 87-year-old Bear Creek Rearing Station in Garrett County. Additionally, the department has partnered with Mettiki Coal to rear trout for Garrett County at a new facility on the business’ property.

Maryland’s trout stocking program is funded by the sale of nontidal fishing licenses, trout stamps and Federal Sport Fish Restoration Program funds.

  • Jonathan Szczepanski

    “during the spring stocking season at Bear Creek in Garrett County, South
    Branch Patapsco River at River Road in Carroll County and at Lake
    Artemesia in Prince George’s County.”

    So every week in the Spring these locations will be stocked with trout? When does this start?

    • kking13

      Hi Jonathan,
      Thanks for your interest in Maryland’s trout stocking program. South Branch and Daniels (both Patapsco River), along with Artemesia, are all being stocked today. Bear Creek is not yet scheduled.

  • Jeff Schmidt

    I live in OCM. Where is the nearest stocked water, pond , lake , creek, stream, that I can Trout fish?

  • Camille

    Hi, I don’t understand what Put and Take means??! Can you please explain?
    Also, is it 5 trout per day/per person?
    If we fish the Potomac and in Annapolis (saltwater)? I am not clear what the rules for the fish we catch are?
    Where do I get clear info for that?
    Thank you!

    • kking13

      Hello Camille,
      A put and take trout managed area simply means the state puts trout in the waters and recreational anglers take them out to keep (when/where allowed).

      As far as trout limits, most put & take trout managed areas have a creel limit of 5 trout per day, some are have a 2 per day limit. If a location is not listed as a trout managed area then that area is covered by the statewide possession limit of 2 trout per day.

      A summary of all regulations is found online at If you would like a printed copy please send me ( your mailing address . There is a full list of managed species with the guide referenced above, creel and/or size limits are included along with seasons when particular species are allowed to be kept.

      If you have any further questions please feel free to email me.

      Paul Genovese
      Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service

  • Ruth Razzano

    MY husband is 75 yrs old. He really wants to trout fish. We live in Westminster,MD. Where do you suggest he try. He would like to try Hereford site. What licenses and stamps would he need. Thank you.

    • kking13

      Hi Ruth,
      The best spot would probably be Farm Museum Pond, Taneytown Pond or Piney Run reservoir. Your husband would need a senior consolidated sport fishing license, which allows residents 65 years of age or older to fish in the fresh waters of Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries and the state waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlantic coastal bays and tributaries at a reduced rate of $5. It is valid 365 days from the date of purchase.

      For more on fishing licenses, visit
      A sheet listing stocking location and tentative dates is available at

      Thanks for your inquiry!
      Karis King
      Public Information Officer
      Maryland Department of Natural Resources

  • Larry hagedorn

    Is there any hold or grace period after stocking on bear creek, casselman, or yough?

    • kking13

      Hi Larry,
      Anglers are advised to consult the 2016 Maryland Fishing Guide for rules, season, limits, boundaries and …

      The Trout pages are 22-25.

      Bear Creek from the corner of Fish Hatchery Road and Rabbit Hollow Road downstream to the confluence with the Youghiogheny River at Friendsville is closed to fishing from March 6, 2016—March 26, 2016

      Certain areas of the Casselman and the Youghiogheny have Group II delayed harvest restrictions, spelled out on page 25. Essentially, these well-defined areas are catch & release only using only unscented lures from October 1-June 15. These are the boundaries and rules for these areas at these times:

      Casselman River mainstem, Garrett County—from a boundary marked by two red posts on both stream banks located on the south side of the Interstate 68 eastbound bridge downstream to the Pennsylvania state line.

      North Branch Potomac River mainstem, Garrett County—from the lowermost boundary of the Potomac State Forest near Lostland Run to the uppermost boundary of the Potomac State Forest at Wallman.

      Youghiogheny River mainstem, Garrett County—below Friendsville from a site located 50 yards downstream of Maple Street (at the confluence of Minnow Run) downstream 1.8 miles to the powerline crossing upstream of the Youghiogheny Reservoir.


      From June 16 through September 30, the daily creel limit and possession limit is five trout (all species of trout combined), with no tackle restrictions.

      From October 1 through June 15, you:

      May not possess trout in these areas.

      Must immediately release any trout caught to the water from which the trout was taken.

      May not possess or use any natural bait, live bait, or any device enhanced with a scent capable of catching fish.

      Thanks for your inquiry and happy fishing!