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29th MPAD

29th MPAD

Maryland Army National Guard

About Us

The 29th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (MPAD) was officially formed as a unit in 1971, under the command and control of the Joint Force Headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland. The 29th MPAD has provided unparalleled public affairs support to America’s Armed Forces deployed worldwide.


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina | January — July 1996 
  • Poland | October 2001 
  • Egypt | October — November 2001
  • Kosovo and Bosnia | October 2003 — October 2004 
  • Iraq | January — December 2011 
  • COVID Pandemic Response | April 2020—2022
  • Deployments to Germany, Puerto Rico, Japan, Estonia and Canada, Jordan

Campaign Credits:
Bosnia and Herzegovina (14 DEC 95 – 27 AUG 96)
Kosovo and Bosnia (13 OCT 03 – 12 OCT 04)
Operation New Dawn (3 JAN 11 – 17 DEC 11)
COVID Response (3 APR 20 – 31 JUL 20)



Iraq Deployment

29th MPAD elements were attached to the 310th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Public Affairs Office in Balad and the Deputy Commanding General Advising & Training PA Office in the International Zone. The unit provided continuous broadcast and print journalism assets to USD-C, USD-N and USF-I throughout Balad and the United States Division-Center area of operations during Operation New Dawn 2011.

(U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Stephen Scott)

COVID Pandemic Response

29th MPAD members were activated throughout the entire COVID Response Mission supporting the State of Maryland during the largest activation of the National Guard since WWII. The 29th MPAD members supported the MDNG public affairs office through media facilitation, photo/video production, live-streaming, social media, and publication design from 2020-2022.

(U.S. Army National Guard Photo by Sgt. Allen Griffith)

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