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Cold-Stunning Threatens Aquatic Wildlife – Marylanders Asked to Help

Lethargic sea turtles and marine mammals should be reported to 800-628-9944 The Maryland Department of Natural Resources asks those visiting the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Coast to be vigilant of sea turtles who exhibit signs of cold-stunning, a condition that causes animals to become debilitated and experience hypothermia-like symptoms due to prolonged exposure to cold  Read the Rest…

Dolphin Mania: Technology boosts public eye

The earliest recorded historical accounts of dolphins were approximately 1600 B.C., where they were found depicted on ancient frescoes in the Palace of Knossos on the Greek Island of Crete. According to author Chris Catton, the image of dolphins rescuing sailors or carrying humans recurs again and again in myth and folklore. “The sculptures, the  Read the Rest…