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21-Year-Old Angler Earns FishMaryland Master Angler Award

Photo of man holding a fish

Adam Krauss of Baltimore County holds a northern snakehead. Photo courtesy of Adam Krauss.

Adam Krauss of Baltimore County has earned a Master Angler Milestone Award under the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) FishMaryland program. 

The award recognizes recreational anglers who catch ten different trophy-sized species of fish in Maryland. Krauss, 21, is the ninth Master Angler since the program began in 2019. 

The FishMaryland program includes dozens of species from both salt and freshwater. Krauss submitted entries for all ten catches and received individual certificates for each catch. The department plans to present the Master Angler Milestone Award certificate along with a gift card prize from Bass Pro Shops at its Arundel Mills store. Krauss caught his tenth FishMaryland eligible fish, a 31.5-inch carp, on April 17.

“It was a very last minute solo session, but I knew it was worth a try because last time I was there I noticed a lot of big carp jumping,” Krauss said. “I took a quick picture next to the measuring tape, then back into the water it went. Thank you DNR for the opportunity to participate in this program.”

Krauss’ qualifying catches, in order, were:

  • Largemouth bass, 21 inches
  • Northern snakehead, 31 inches
  • White perch, 13 inches
  • Rainbow trout, 24 inches
  • Sand tiger shark, 84 inches
  • Striped bass, 48 inches
  • Hickory shad, 18 inches
  • Yellow perch, 14 inches
  • Chain pickerel, 24 inches
  • Carp, 31.5 inches

Krauss’ fishing obsession started when he was five years old, when his father took him fishing at Nicodemus Road in Baltimore County, where he has lived his entire life. He is a multi-species angler who mainly fishes non-tidal and tidal freshwater locations, but will venture to saltwater occasionally. His favorite fish is the Northern Snakehead because of their unique, snake-like appearance and “the way that they strike so violently gives me a thrill!” He also has a YouTube channel where he records his many fishing adventures. 

“My goal is to catch as many new species and personal bests as possible, “ Krauss said. “I will continue to teach people about fishing and how to respect nature along the way.” 

FishMaryland is Maryland’s recreational fishing award program and is a fun way to explore year-round recreational fishing and enjoy affordable, accessible, diverse, and high-quality fishing opportunities. More information on the Master Angler Milestone Award and the FishMaryland program is available on the program’s website.