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The Baltimore Ravens and Coca-Cola Teamed Up with the Department of Natural Resources and City of Baltimore to Plant and Maintain Trees at Chinquapin Run

Photo of several people and a mascot standing in park

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service staff stand with Baltimore Ravens mascot Poe in Chinquapin Park, Baltimore. Photo by Anne Gilbert, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, along with city council members and several Ravens players, cheer squad members, and community volunteer staff helped plant 30 trees and maintain dozens of others in the community of Chinquapin Park-Belvedere this week. City Council President Nick Mosby, Councilman Mark Conway, Ravens players Tyler Ott, Tyler Linderbaum, Jeremy Lucien, Tykeem Doss, and Tashawn Manning, plus members of the Ravens’ cheer squad Jessica A. and Blake E. were on hand to take part in this urban forestry stewardship effort in the streamside park. 

Photo of five men with shovels preparing to plant a tree

Ravens players get ready to plant an eastern redbud. Photo by Gregg Bortz, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Organized by Coca-Cola Consolidated with the guidance of staff from the Maryland Forest Service and Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, volunteers saved dozens of recently installed trees by removing non-native invasive vines from their protective cages and planted 30 containerized native trees like Eastern redbud, river birch, black gum, basswood, and other species.

The tree plantings will reduce stormwater runoff flowing into nearby Chinquapin Run, help improve neighborhood air quality, and provide new habitat for birds, squirrels, and other wildlife, according to J.T. Bowers, Maryland Forest Service’s Associate Director of Policy and External Relations.

Photo of group in the park next to a hole dug for tree-planting

Mayor Brandon Scott (center, with shovel) joins Councilman Mark Conway, members of the Ravens cheer squad, and Coca-Cola Consolidated employees for a tree planting. Photo by Gregg Bortz, Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

“Thanks to the Baltimore Ravens, Coca-Cola, and the Chniquapin Park-Belvedere community for making this planting a success,” Bowers said. “At the Maryland Forest Service, we’re constantly searching for neighborhoods and community groups to work with us to plant more trees. We encourage others to reach out to the Forest Service and see how we can help.”

Every tree planted in Maryland contributes to the state’s 5 Million Trees initiative, to enhance our forest canopy by the year 2031.