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Maryland Department of Natural Resources Introduces Streamlined Saltwater Registry for Anglers

Free Registry is Required Annually to Fish for Anadromous Species

Photo of fisherman in a boat underneath the Bay Bridge

Maryland Department of Natural Resources photo

Maryland has added a convenient option for anglers who are required to complete an annual saltwater registration to fish for striped bass and other species. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has created a convenient form that does not require the angler to create an account in the state licensing system.

The options for free registration now available for Maryland anglers are:

The registration is legally required with a few exemptions, and it is important to protecting Maryland’s fishing opportunities. The recreational fishing data collected in this registry helps state and federal agencies sustainably manage U.S. fish stocks. 

In 2010, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began requiring anglers to pay a fee and register with the National Saltwater Angler Registry before fishing for anadromous species–those that move between saltwater and freshwater habitats. 

The next year, Maryland created its own free saltwater angler registration, required on an annual basis, to comply with this requirement. The requirement is also satisfied by anyone who carries a valid Maryland Bay and Coastal Sport Fishing License.

For more information, visit the Department of Natural Resources website and search “saltwater angler registration.”