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Secretary’s Message – February 2023

Join Maryland’s Mission for a Sustainable Future

Photo of sunrise over the Chesapeake Bay

Photo by Wendy Crowe, submitted to 2017 Maryland DNR Photo Contest.

I am honored to serve as Acting Secretary of Natural Resources for the Moore-Miller administration. This is an exciting time for Maryland, and it is a privilege to be a part of a passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable team that is working to provide a healthier, sustainable environment. 

Born and raised in Maryland, I am an avid hiker and camper with an annual personal goal of 30 nights outdoors. My love for our natural resources comes from years of enjoying them all across the state. Those experiences led me to pursue a wildlife conservation degree from the University of Delaware and a career focused on finding broader solutions to issues facing our shared resources. 

I am excited to join and lead the Maryland Department of Natural Resource’s mission of securing a sustainable future for our environment, economy and society by expanding opportunities for the innovative green economy and ensuring sustainability for our natural resource-based industries; increasing mitigation and enhancing resilience to climate effects while restoring water quality in our rivers and streams leading to the Chesapeake Bay; and providing greater and equitable access to our share resources. 

To accomplish our goals, we will regularly engage with the community. Though we may have different views, we share priorities. I look forward to meeting and working with all of our stakeholders —especially our watermen, forest operators, and outdoor recreation sector businesses—along with nonprofit agencies and federal, state and local governments. Together, we will strive to find bold solutions and rise to the challenge to provide a sustainable future for all Marylanders. 

Josh Kurtz is acting secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.