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Fall Foliage Report – November 4, 2022

Map of Maryland, past peak out west, peak in the middle and far south almost peak on the eastern shore and mid-southern Maryland

The red in our Fall Foliage map is inching its way across Maryland, picking up six additional counties and Baltimore City, all reporting peak conditions as we enter November. Perhaps most surprising this week are reports of peak conditions out of St. Mary’s County. Yes, far Southern Maryland has arrived early to the fall show, thrilling visitors with vibrant shades of burgundy and gold. Even the pawpaw trees are an especially bright mustard yellow this year.

Leaf peepers should drive south or east to follow the color change and enjoy the exceptional fall foliage and crisp, blue sky weather we’re experiencing across the state. Don’t forget Fido! Many of our state parks allow pets to join in your favorite fall recreational activities. 

It was a beautiful bright autumn day, with air like cider and a sky so blue you could drown in it.

—Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

oranges, yellows and reds against a bright blue sky reflecting in a blue pond

Greenbelt Lake, Prince George’s County – Photo: Vincent C.

Don’t forget your camera this weekend. Send in photos of your fall Maryland adventures and we may use them in next week’s report. 

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Western Maryland

The views from White Rock on the Catoctin Trail at Cunningham Falls State Park are still endless even as the fall colors fade from the treetops. Visitors to the falls will be greeted with lemon-yellow and orange leaves brightening up the otherwise slate gray landscape.
Mark Spurrier, Park Manager – Cunningham Falls and Gambrill State Parks

Fall colors from an overlook. You can see the whole valley

Overlook photo: View from White Rock on the Catoctin Trail in Cunningham Falls State Park and view of yellow leaves surrounding the falls

Washington County has reached past peak conditions in the western half of the county, joining Allegany and Garrett. However, Mother Nature’s show isn’t done just yet, with black birch and beech creating a golden “fog” through the understory of the Catoctin Mountains.  A healthy forest offers the opportunity for fall color in every layer of the woods.
Bob Schwartz, Maryland Forest Service

Bright yellows hand on both in the canopy and the understory

Enjoy the last leaves of the fall and wildlife sightings at Fort Frederick State Park with an easy .3-mile hike along Beaver Pond Trail. The trail passes along a wetlands area where hikers may see several species of turtles, waterfowl, and white-tailed deer.
Bob Study, State Park Ranger Supervisor

Fall trees about half full of leaves around the pond still some color on the trees by the trail  Green grass and brown tree leaves in front of the fort wall
Photos: Bob Study

Southern Maryland

The majority of Southern Maryland is reporting midpoint conditions, with yellow poplars losing their leaves and oaks and maples more than happy to steal the show. 

Bright red leaves on a tree Halloween decorations surrounded by fall trees New trees sporting bright orange and red leaves Bright yellow trees line a rural street

Reds and browns showing off at the library

Leonardtown Library – Photo: Cristina V. Perez

Fall colors off in the distance with Jug Bay in the foreground

Jug Bay Scenic Overlook – Photo: Cristina V. Perez

Point Lookout State Park in St. Mary’s County is reporting peak conditions with bald cypress trees in wonderful shades of red and orange, and the surrounding state parks are reporting hardwoods in similar colors of gold and burgundy.
Ranger J. Williams, Assistant Park Manager, Point Lookout State Park

Our rangers at Sandy Point State Park are reporting an ever-changing landscape as Anne Arundel County gets into the fall game. Watch the leaves change from midpoint to peak in the coming days, take a leisurely walk along one of the park’s scenic trails and enjoy sweeping views of the Chesapeake Bay.

Bright reds mix with greens along the water Brown field contrasts against the bright colored trees a bright yellow tree sticks out from the rest

Sandy Point State Park – Photos: Rangers Tariq and Walker

Tree Tip: Prepare Your Trees for Winter

This is a crucial point for a tree as the ground begins to lower its temperature. Trees provide winter homes to our lightning bugs, ladybugs, caterpillars, and moths. Keep your trees healthy and protected by placing a 2-inch to 4-inch layer of leaves spread in a circle around the base of the tree, leaving a 1-inch to 2-inch gap around the tree trunk. The layer of leaves will slowly decompose over the winter season adding vital nutrients to the tree’s root system; helping it withstand the cold and wind.
Cristina Val Perez, Tree Planting Specialist with the Department of Natural Resources

leaves around roots of trees

Eastern Maryland

Pack a lunch and make your way to Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park in Church Creek. You’ll work up an appetite exploring the park exhibits and adjoining trails of Blackwater Wildlife Refuge. Afterward, soak up the sun and fall water views in the picnic area of the park.
Dana Paterra, Park Manager, Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park

Beautiful yellows and reds in the picnic area bright orange and yellows along the canals at the park

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park – Photos: Dana Paterra

Photo Submissions for the Week

We’d like to thank all of the folks that continue to send in photos of fall scenes from across the state. Through your reports and photos we receive first-hand accounts of our fall transition in Maryland. Please send us your fall foliage photos, including the names of any tree species you spot, using our easy online form!

Footbridge over the water with yellow and reds in the trees

Anita Leight Estuary Center on the Bush River in Harford County – Photo: Bethany P.

Reds, yellows and oranges mix with greens in front of a bright green field

Fair Hill NRMA in Cecil County – Photo: Eric W.

Old mill on the side of a river

Pathway along the river lined by trees

Falls with brown and red trees in the distance

River winding through the valley

Great Falls, Montgomery County – Photos: James D.

Reds oranges and yellows by a farm field

Kent Island, Queen Anne’s County – Photo: Y. Li

Sun shining through fall trees

Bohemia River State Park, Cecil County – Photo: ShinAe G.

Fall trees along a railroad

Smithburg, Washington County – Photo: Marcinda R.

Bright yellow leaves

Aavalon Area of Patapsco State Park – Photo: Ranger Baker


Waterfalls over giant rocks
Great Falls, Montgomery County – Photo: Subroto C.

Reds and greens along a river

Anita Leight Estuary Center on the Bush River in Harford County – Photo: Bethany P.

Fall Recreation Spotlight

It’s peak time for apple picking in Maryland. Surround yourself with a blanket of fall color while exploring Maryland’s farms and apple orchards. Our friends at the Maryland Department of Agriculture have put together a great list of places to pick the best for all of your favorite fall apple recipes.

Watch the Night Sky

As the length of night increases, so too do the opportunities for stargazing. Use binoculars and look just above the west-southwest horizon shortly after sunset this month to catch Venus as it leaves the Sun’s glare and floats into view. November 8 will bring a total lunar eclipse, mostly visible west of the Mississippi, and two meteor showers later this month. After a chilly night stargazing, warm up with homemade apple crisp.

Source: 2022 Farmers Almanac

Photos of sugar maple