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Waterfowl Hunting Set at Deal Island and Fairmount Impoundments

Permit Applications for Somerset County Wildlife Management Areas Now Available 

Photo of two geese in a pond

Deal Island Wildlife Management Area, photo by Anthony Burrows, Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has announced the annual schedule and process for waterfowl hunting at the Deal Island and Fairmount Wildlife Management Area impoundments. The current program is being managed to reduce crowding and maintain the quality of waterfowl hunting opportunities during the regular duck season.

At both Fairmount and Deal Island wildlife management areas, hunting is allowed only on the following days during the regular duck season: opening day and Saturdays during the October segment; opening day, Saturdays and the Friday following Thanksgiving during the November segment; and opening day and Saturdays during the December through January portion, with Wednesdays added after January 1. 

Hunters should note that a permit is required to hunt on all open days during the regular duck season at the Deal Island impoundment. As in the past, a permit is required to hunt at the Fairmount impoundments on opening day of each segment of the regular duck season.

The impoundments will continue to be open without permits needed on Youth and Veteran hunting days and during the September resident goose season. In addition, the Fairmount impoundments will continue to be open during the September teal season without permits. The Deal Island impoundment will be closed during the September teal season.

All permits for Maryland’s regular duck season for both the Deal Island and Fairmount impoundments will be issued by lottery conducted in mid-September. Permits will allow the selected hunter and up to two additional guests to hunt on the dates for which they are chosen. Applications for hunting permits at both Deal Island and Fairmount impoundments are available on the DNR website.

Season dates and other regulations are found in the DNR Hunting and Trapping Guide online.

Hunters should note that DNR expects part of the marshes adjacent to the Deal Island impoundment to be used for the placement of dredge materials sometime between  October 15, 2022 and  February 15, 2023. These materials will be used to raise the marsh elevations in cells next to the southern levee and improve nesting habitats for at-risk marsh birds. Hunters may experience increased noise, lights, access challenges, closed areas, equipment, and personnel movements during this time along the Riley Roberts Road corridor.  

Hunters with questions may contact the DNR Wildlife and Heritage Service at 410-651-2065, ext.100.