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Fulfilling the Promise

The State of Maryland makes a customer service promise: every state agency pledges to provide constituents, businesses, customers, and stakeholders with friendly and courteous, timely and responsive, accurate and consistent, accessible and convenient, and truthful and transparent services.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Secretary Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio has recognized several department employees for their dedication to this promise. These individuals were identified by ratings and responses on customer service surveys, feedback from the public they serve, and input from department leadership and colleagues.

CUSTOMER SERVICE HEROES: Individuals identified by constituents for going above and beyond the call

Sarah Lane – Innovative Technology Coordinator, Chesapeake and Coastal Service
Sandi Pepe – Program Administrator, Waterway Improvement and Infrastructure, Chesapeake and Coastal Service
Bob Sadzinski – Manager, Power Plant Research Program, Resource Assessment Service
Bhaskar Subramanian – Chief, Shoreline Conservation Service, Chesapeake and Coastal Service

REGULAR POSITIVE FEEDBACK: As tabulated by online and email surveys returned by customers
Marie Myers – Centreville Service Center Manager, Licensing and Registration Service
William Ramsey – LRS Tech, Licensing and Registration Service
Kerry Wixted – Education and Outreach Specialist, Wildlife and Heritage Service

UNSUNG HEROES: Those recognized by their peers and supervisors, often doing behind-the-scenes work to support the mission
Caroline Asher – Deputy Director, Human Resources
Matt Ashton – Stream Assessment Section Head, Resource Assessment Service
Fred Banks – Director of Youth Conservation Programs, Maryland Park Service
Robert Bender – Manager, Facilities and Supportive Services
Alyssa Cranska – Aquaculture Field Operations Program Coordinator, Fishing and Boating Services
Tim D’Adamo – Director of Project Management, DNR Information Technology Service
Rama Dilip – Operating Fiscal Officer, Land Acquisition and Planning/Maryland Environmental Trust
Paul Genovese – Program Manager, Fishing and Boating Services
Lisa Gutierrez – Director, Public Access, Water Trails, and Recreational Planning Program, Chesapeake and Coastal Service
Tina Jarvis – Permits Coordinator, Wildlife and Heritage Service
Shakira Johnson – Administrative Officer, Natural Resources Police Margie Maccubbin – Deputy Director, Licensing and Registration Service
Lauren Moses – Public Information Officer, Natural Resources Police, Office of Communications
Stephanie Richards – E-Reporting Program Coordinator, Fishing and Boating Services
Scott Romanowski – Administrative Officer, Freshwater Fisheries, Fishing and Boating Services
Melissa Scarborough – Adjutant to the Superintendent, Maryland Natural Resources Police
Mike Schofield – Forest Manager, Maryland Forest Service
Irish Sirmons – Marine Law Enforcement Information Network (MLEIN) Program Manager, Natural Resources Police
Scott Stranko – Monitoring and Non-Tidal Assessment (MANTA) Director, Resource Assessment Service
Jacqueline Tahsuda – Supervisor of Program Open Space Stateside, Land Acquisition and Planning
Donna Welsh – Fiscal Officer, Wildlife and Heritage Service
Scott Williams – Inventory Coordinator, Audit and Management Review

Article appears in Vol. 24, No. 2 of the Maryland Natural Resource magazine, spring 2021.