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Beyond the Call: Bhaskaran Subramanian, Chief of the Shoreline Conservation Service

Photo of BhaskarMaryland Department of Natural Resources employees take pride in the work they do—and they are noted for choosing their profession out of a love for protecting, conserving, and restoring our state’s natural treasures for the benefit of fellow Marylanders.

Many DNR staff members go that extra mile to serve the people of Maryland who enjoy the rewards of our work. DNR senior leadership is highlighting staff members who have been recognized by constituents and their coworkers for going “Beyond the Call.”

Bhaskaran Subramanian, known to coworkers as Bhaskar, provides technical and financial assistance to Maryland property owners in resolving shoreline and stream bank erosion problems. Assistance is provided through site visits and evaluations, problem assessments, and recommended solutions.

Matt Fleming, Director of the Chesapeake and Coastal Service, relays this example of a Bhaskar’s exceptional customer outreach:
“The Friends of the Honga River/Hoopersville community reached out to the department describing how pleased they were with the meetings and ongoing communication with Bhaskar. They reported that Bhaskar was not only professional but upbeat and positive.”

“In this time of extreme weather events, many tidewater communities are concerned—even scared—for the future of the place where they live,” Fleming continues. “The community felt his expertise was remarkable and that he was always willing to make time to meet or take calls even outside of the normal workday. Through his work, Bhaskar has helped one island hamlet breathe easier. This is a crucial part of the DNR Mission, which seeks to secure a sustainable future for our environment and society.”

“Through his efforts, DNR’s Customer Service Promise was clearly realized by this rural neighborhood, and this exemplary customer service is typical of Bhaskar’s many, many interactions with communities throughout Maryland.”

Bhaskar holds a Ph.D. in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, following Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Environmental Chemistry received in India.

He became involved in his work in 2006 as an intern for a nonprofit organization on the Eastern Shore, studying projects funded by DNR’s Shoreline Conservation Service. From there he joined DNR as a con-tractor from 2007-2012, and finally as a full-time employee in July 2012, as chief of the program.

“I realized that I have been given a very unique opportunity wherein I am able to meet many Marylanders and be of assistance to them,” Bhaskar says. “Working for DNR, with the knowledge I have amassed along the way, I am able to be objective and share my knowledge with waterfront property owners without any agenda. This has given me the opportunity to connect with people and a beautiful trust is built.”

Bhaskar’s background is in science but his passion is meeting people and looking for opportunities to assist them.

“I love people—the people I work with (some of my colleagues are my best friends), and the people I serve,” Bhaskar says. “That is the best and the most important part of my work. I strongly feel that my job is to help Maryland property owners reach their goals while making sure nature benefits too. “

“Last but not the least, we do serious work but there is no reason to not have fun doing it. Having a smile, sharing a laugh, and caring are some ways I like to live.” 

Article appears in Vol. 24, No. 2 of the Maryland Natural Resource magazine, spring 2021.