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Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers Accepts $7,000 Donation

Conservation Nonprofit Provides Funding

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Pictured left to right: Col. Adrian Baker, Maryland Natural Resources Police; state Sen. Jack Bailey, president of Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers; Barbara Allen, secretary treasurer of Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers; Maj. Dave Larsen, NRP; Stanley Samorajczyk, vice president, Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers; Lt. Col. Ernest Leatherbury Jr., NRP

Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) announced a nearly $7,000 donation from the nonprofit Wildlife Conservation Enforcement Fund Inc. (WCEF) to support the Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers in its mission to enforce conservation laws in Maryland.  

Created in December 2018, the Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers organization aims to increase public awareness of the impact of illegal harvesting of fish and wildlife populations, and encourage anyone with knowledge of these activities to contact the Maryland Natural Resources Police.

The WCEF, led by retired NRP officers, was founded in 1998 to accept charitable donations and distribute equipment and tools in support of the NRP mission. State agencies can accept donated materials but cannot solicit or accept direct cash donations. 

WCEF’s board voted earlier this year to dissolve the organization, and donate its remaining funds to the Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers, which is able to accept contributions.

“Our philosophy is that we will tirelessly defend our wildlife and fisheries resources so that future generations may enjoy them fully,” WCEF President John Williams said. 

Since its founding, WCEF contributions have included shotgun racks for NRP patrol vehicles, digital cameras for officers to document violations for court, decoy deer and turkeys for enforcement, and all-terrain vehicles and trailers for patrolling in remote locations across the state. 

Citizens who supply the Maryland Natural Resources Police with information leading to an arrest and conviction are eligible to receive cash rewards through a partnership with the Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers. Tipsters should give names, addresses, vehicle descriptions, and as much information as possible. The anonymity of the caller is guaranteed.

To contact the Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers, citizens can call or text 443-433-4112, email, or report violations using the department’s free mobile app. Donations to the Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers can be sent to: 580 Taylor Ave., E-3, Annapolis, MD 21401.