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Maryland Mentored Hunt Program Seeks Teachers and Learners

Department Initiative Connects Novices with Experienced Hunters

Photo of personal instructor guiding student aiming a shotgunThe Maryland Department of Natural Resources is pleased to introduce the Maryland Mentored Hunt Program, a statewide program aimed to pair new, novice, or lapsed hunters of any age with skilled veteran hunters. The mentors will help guide new hunters throughout the process of building their skills, culminating in a hunt.

Both mentors and mentees can now submit applications for agency review and applicants will be paired based on geographic proximity, interests, and several other criteria. Once the pairing has been made, the mentor and mentee will work together at their own pace to schedule all aspects of the hunt.

“Many individuals throughout the state want to get into hunting for a variety of reasons, but just don’t know where to get started,” Wildlife and Heritage Service Hunting Specialist Chris Markin said. “We understand that people are very busy, so this opportunity allows individuals to pursue hunting with those who can share their passion and knowledge without any event constraints.”

All participants are required to follow the state guidance on preventing spread of COVID-19. The program encourages using video meetings, email, texts, and phone calls as much as possible. For in-person meetings, individuals must practice social distancing and wear masks when in close proximity. .

For more information or to apply visit the program webpage or contact Chris Markin at