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Communities Across Maryland Receive 3,450 Free Trees

DNR and Clear Ridge Nursery Partner for Distribution

Photo of trailer load of containerized trees

Clear Ridge Nursery, in partnership with the Maryland Forest Service, prepares a delivery of containerized trees for planting.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources, in partnership with Clear Ridge Nursery in Union Bridge, Carroll County, is distributing more than 3,450 free containerized trees to help increase tree canopy across the state. The Maryland Forest Service identified 44 conservation groups, government agencies, community groups, and nonprofit organizations to receive the free trees for planting this summer.

“This was a really great opportunity for the Maryland Forest Service to supplement tree-planting efforts by many of our volunteer groups,” Tree-Mendous Maryland Program Coordinator Anne Gilbert said.

“We really appreciate our partnership with the Department of Natural Resources to find good homes for these trees,” said Jessica Todd, president of Clear Ridge Nursery. “They are beautiful trees that will provide years of enjoyment and environmental benefits to the communities and locations where they are planted.”

Although spring and fall are optimal planting seasons, trees planted in the summer can do well if they are given special attention by keeping them well watered over the season.  

The Tree-Mendous Maryland Program has been working with many communities and volunteers to reschedule a number of spring tree planting events that had to be postponed due to COVID-19 safety precautions. 

Also, communities and volunteer groups interested in ordering trees for fall plantings on public land should contact the Tree-Mendous program for information.