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Maryland Biodiversity Project Named Conservationist of the Year

Award Ceremony Nov. 13

Photo of staff with Bill Hubrick

Bill Hubick receives his award

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced that the Maryland Biodiversity Project and its founders, Bill Hubick and Jim Brighton, have been recognized as Conservationist of the Year by the Maryland Wildlife Advisory Commission.

The Maryland Biodiversity Project is a nonprofit organization that has produced an online database and public information source with the mission of cataloging all flora and fauna in Maryland, and buildingĀ a vibrant nature study community. Hubick and Brighton started the project in 2012 and since then, along with a following of more than 800 naturalists and photographers, have documented 18,000 species, including more than 10,000 photographs.

The award was presented Nov. 13, in conjunction with the commission meeting.

“While the accomplishments of these two dedicated conservationists sound terrific, there is nothing like experiencing the Maryland Biodiversity Project firsthand to demonstrate the wealth of information and the dedication of the community they have built,” Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto said. “Our experts visit their site often, as they constantly add new and unique content.”

Scientists and conservationists in other states have also praised the Maryland Biodiversity Project, and are using their content to get a deeper and wider appreciation and understanding of Maryland’s uniquely diverse natural resources.