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Pocomoke River State Park Expands by 212 Acres

Board of Public Works Approves Program Open Space Acquisition

Photo of Pocomoke River State ParkThe Board of Public Works today approved the Maryland Department of Natural Resources acquisition of 212 acres along the Pocomoke River as an expansion to Pocomoke River State Park. The former golf course will be repurposed to provide access to the Pocomoke River Water Trail as well as additional recreation opportunities.

“This acquisition will benefit Pocomoke River State Park as well as the Lower Eastern Shore watershed,” Maryland Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton said. “By utilizing Program Open Space we can enhance and expand our state park, providing even greater public access and recreation, while shoring up the rivers now and into the future.”

Portions of the Worcester County property will be allowed to reforest to protect the water quality of Corbin Branch as well as the Pocomoke River. Areas along the shoreline, which include coastal forests and marshes, may provide some natural resilience to climate and weather changes, be it erosion or flooding, by absorbing excess water, dampening currents and waves and stabilizing sediment.

“For more than 50 years, people have known Pocomoke River State Park is a special place,” Park Manager Cineva Smith said. “This expansion will protect our unique ecological treasures for future generations to enjoy.” 

The property, located in a Target Ecological Area, scored a 90 on the department’s scoring system, which is based on a 0-100 scale.