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Rosaryville State Park Completes Stormwater Project

Interagency Project Protects Bay, Improves Park

Photo of Rosaryville State Park project

Three bioretention facilities have been completed at Rosaryville State Park in Prince George’s County, following a partnership between the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration aimed at reducing the amount of nutrients and sediment entering the Chesapeake Bay.

The project is the first of several water quality projects on state land funded by the State Highway Administration. Other interagency projects include riparian tree plantings and stream restoration efforts.

“We’ve been able to capitalize on this unique opportunity for interagency collaboration with the State Highway Administration providing design and construction services to develop stormwater treatment practices and projects on state park properties,” Maryland Park Service Superintendent Nita Settina said. “These projects help beautify the park as well as improve water quality throughout the watershed.”

The new facilities at Rosaryville State Park will treat runoff from 3.57 acres of pavement and improve the aesthetics of the park with native shrubs and trees. The bioretention basins will filter and slow runoff – removing excess nutrients and sediment – allowing water to percolate into the ground.

Information about the joint project will be provided on interpretive panels later this year.