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Five Conservation Easements Protect 337 Acres in Baltimore County

Maryland Environmental Trust Accept Multiple Land Donations

Photo of Fenwick farm property in Baltimore County, donated for conservation

The Maryland Environmental Trust accepted donations of five conservation easements in Baltimore County in December 2017 that permanently protect 337 acres of farm, forest, historic and scenic lands.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work with these forward-thinking landowners and our local community partners to help them achieve their goals for safeguarding these important pieces of our cultural and natural heritage,” Maryland Environmental Trust Director Bill Leahy said. “Their collective actions ensure working farms and healthy landscapes of Baltimore County will be enjoyed by future generations.”

The Fenwick family donated a 98-acre easement on their farm along Tufton Avenue in Glyndon. The easement will ensure the protection of the scenic view of this farm along the Horses and Hounds Scenic Byway, which runs through the Worthington Valley National Register Historic District.

Keyser Run LLC donated an easement on a 97-acre property located adjacent to Liberty Reservoir, protecting the water quality of the reservoir along with agricultural land, forest habitat and scenic views.

Joshua Brumfield and Mary McBurney Swann donated a 53-acre easement to the Maryland Environmental Trust and Manor Conservancy that protects their farm, located within My Lady’s Manor National Register Historic District near Monkton.

Randall and Marlene Amon donated an easement on their 26-acre property near Parkton that protects forest, open space and scenic views.

The Maryland Environmental Trust worked with the Land Preservation Trust to further protect the property of Michael and Ann Hankin, located along Black Rock Road north of Reisterstown. An additional 63 acres was added to an easement previously donated in 1994. The protected area now includes a total 149 acres of scenic farmland and forest.