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2017 Photo Contest: Winners

Photo of: Fox looking to the right

Red Fox at Dusk; by Melissa McCeney

Please enjoy scrolling through the top picks from our annual contest.; this year’s pool included approximately 1,500 photos from 295 participants.

From one of our newer and highly popular features of the contest, our Facebook fans (@MarylandDNR) voted in one additional selection, seen above. Red Fox at Dusk was taken by Melissa McCeney in Montgomery County.

The passion, talent and enthusiasm from these photographers continue to leave us in awe. Congratulations to all!

GRAND PRIZE WINNER American Wigeon by Nikunj Patel


SECOND PLACE, WINTER Dredging in Fishing Bay by William Pully


THIRD PLACE WINTER Eagle by John Adolph


FIRST PLACE, SPRING Blue-gray Gnatcatcher by Wendy Crowe


SECOND PLACE, SPRING Fox Pup by Dan Madsen


THIRD PLACE, SPRING Eastern Bluebird Nest by Martha Johnston


FIRST PLACE, SUMMER Night Heron by Wendy Crowe


SECOND PLACE, SUMMER Kilgore Falls by Travis Foreman


THIRD PLACE, SUMMER Eastern Tiger Swallowtail by Larry Helms


FIRST PLACE, FALL Misty Morning Fishing by Nikunj Patel


SECOND PLACE, FALL Bucks by Reinhardt Sahmel


THIRD PLACE, FALL Great Falls Just Before Sunrise by Mark Andre