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Maryland Environmental Trust Protects Historic Cecil County Land

Winery Donates 347-Acre Conservation Easement

Photo of Bohemia Manor Farm property in Cecil CountyThe Maryland Environmental Trust and the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy permanently protected 347 acres of Cecil County farmland and forestland along Route 213, the Chesapeake Country National Scenic Byway. Chateau Bu-De donated a conservation easement to protect the land surrounding its winery.

The newly protected land was once part of Bohemia Manor Farm, the 17th century estate of Maryland explorer and nobleman Augustine Herman.

The farmland and forests of the property are visible from Route 213, also known as Augustine Herman Highway, showcasing the rural character and natural heritage of the area.

The property is located along the Bohemia River, and across the road from the future site of Bohemia River State Park.

The conservation easement ensures this scenic treasure as well its productive farmland and wildlife habitat will endure.

Chateau Bu-De owners Brenda and Warren Dedrick said, “We are pleased to be enhancing the economic development of Cecil County through our continued expansion of Chateau Bu-De Vineyards and Winery. We are further excited to be able to forever preserve Bohemia Manor Farm, the scenic home and resting place of Augustine Herman, First Lord of Bohemia Manor, as well as preserving the visual beauty of the scenic views from Route 213 and the Bohemia River. We look forward to our continued involvement in the vibrant life of Cecil County and our continued participation with the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy and the Maryland Environmental Trust in their land conservation efforts on the Eastern Shore.”

“Chateau Bu-De’s conservation gift protects one of Maryland’s special places,” Maryland Environmental Trust Director Bill Leahy said. “We were pleased to work with the landowner and the conservancy to protect this land.”