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Volunteer Fire Departments Awarded Grants to Fight Wildland Fires

Department Provides a Record $102,548 to 45 Departments in 17 Counties

Photo of Firefighter Battling Blazing Wildland Fire

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced today that a record number of volunteer fire departments applied for and received Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants in 2017, resulting in the most funding distributed in state history.

“Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants allow us to support our first responders, hardworking men and women who risk their own lives and safety to protect our state’s citizens, communities and natural resources,” Maryland Fire Supervisor Monte Mitchell said. “These grants pay for equipment and training, and improve volunteer firefighting efforts by our local partners.”

This year, 45 volunteer fire departments in 17 counties will use their share of the total $102,548 awarded to acquire essential supplies. Fire companies and departments use this money for a variety of materials and services such as dry hydrant pressurized systems that enable access to nearby water sources in areas without hydrants, repairs to fire boats used to battle blazes best accessed by water, and coveralls that offer safe yet lightweight protection to reduce heat-related fatigue and injury.

The grants, provided by the U.S. Forest Service and managed by the Maryland Forest Service, help supply volunteer fire departments with the equipment and tools they need to effectively and efficiently fight wildland fires. Most of these fire stations serve rural Maryland communities with less than 10,000 residents and rely on these monies to ensure they have reliable resources to battle blazes and keep citizens safe.

Firefighting units receiving 2017 grants are (categorized by county and department):

Volunteer Fire Department County Project Cost Award
Barton Hose Company 1 Allegany $6,149 $3,000
Bowmans Addition Volunteer Fire Company Allegany $1,320 $660
District 16 Volunteer Fire Department Allegany $6,002 $3,000
Ellerslie Volunteer Fire Company Allegany $6,000 $3,000
Good Will Volunteer Fire Company 1 Allegany $7,095 $3,000
Hancock Fire Company Allegany $10,995 $3,000
Mount Savage Volunteer Fire Department Allegany $1,953 $976
Oldtown Volunteer Fire Department Allegany $6,300 $3,000
Orleans Volunteer Fire Company Allegany $2,246 $1,123
Shaft Volunteer Fire Department Allegany $5,940 $2,970
Community Bowleys Quarters Baltimore $12,289 $3,000
Hereford Volunteer Fire Company Baltimore $1,147 $573
Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company Baltimore $7,000 $3,000
Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Company Baltimore $5,560 $2,780
White Marsh Volunteer Fire Company Baltimore $6,000 $3,000
Denton Volunteer Fire Company Caroline $6,990 $3,000
Harney Volunteer Fire Department Carroll $1,878 $939
North East Volunteer Fire Company Cecil $2,750 $1,375
Benedict Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad Charles $5,820 $2,910
Cobb Island Volunteer Fire Department Charles $6,450 $3,000
Tenth District Volunteer Fire Department Charles $1,481 $741
Church Creek Volunteer Fire Company Dorchester $5,975 $2,988
East New Market Volunteer Fire Company Dorchester $4,900 $2,450
Eldorado Brookview Volunteer Fire Company Dorchester $4,752 $2,376
Lakes & Straits Volunteer Fire Company Dorchester $4,605 $2,302
Secretary Volunteer Fire Company Dorchester $4,375 $2,188
Vienna Volunteer Fire Company Dorchester $2,619 $1,310
New Market Volunteer Fire Company Frederick $3,550 $1,775
Eastern Garrett County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Garrett $10,000 $3,000
Kitzmiller Volunteer Fire Department Garrett $6,324 $3,000
Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company Harford $3,044 $1,500
Betterton Volunteer Fire Company Kent $3,950 $1,975
Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company Kent $10,346 $3,000
Galena Volunteer Fire Company Kent $2,060 $1,030
Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department Prince George’s $1,475 $725
Marion Volunteer Fire Department Somerset $6,000 $3,000
Oxford Volunteer Fire Department Talbot $8,215 $3,000
Clear Spring Volunteer Fire Company Washington $6,000 $3,000
Community Fairplay Washington $4,406 $2,203
First Hose Comopany of Boonsboro Washington $6,345 $3,000
Leitersburg Volunteer Fire Company Washington $968 $484
Potomac Valley Volunteer Fire Company Washington $5,301 $2,651
Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Company Washington $4,800 $2,400
Hebron Volunteer Fire Department Wicomico $4,288 $2,144
Girdletree Volunteer Fire Company Worcester $7,000 $3,000
Total   $232,663 $102,548