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Scenic Somerset County Property Protected

150-Acre Easement Includes Waterfront

A Somerset County couple recently donated a conservation easement that permanently protects more than 150 acres, including a mile of waterfront property along the Big Annemessex River.

The Maryland Environmental Trust and the Lower Shore Land Trust worked with Randy and Bobbie Stadler to conserve their land and vital wildlife habitat. Bobbie is a retired wildlife rehabilitator, having dedicated much of her life to protecting the wildlife on her land.

“The Stadlers’ generosity is an example to us all,” said Maryland Environmental Trust Director William Leahy. “We are grateful for their gift ensuring the wetlands, forests and an impeccable waterfront view will be protected for generations to come.”

“When the process was complete, the Maryland Environmental Trust sent us a sign that says, ‘This land is protected forever.’ What a wonderful feeling,” said Randy Stadler. “That sign represents the culmination of everyone’s work to make this happen. It also made us realize we truly had done our part to protect an area of the state that we both love.”