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Maryland Motorists: Stay Alert for Deer!

Cooling temperatures, colorful foliage and unpredictable wildlife ─ all signs that the fall season is upon us. As such, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources urges motorists to stay alert for deer and other wildlife this time of year as these animals seek out food supplies and mates.

“Deer activity will peak during their breeding season, which occurs from mid-October through November,” Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto said. “Deer often travel without regard for roads or traffic during this time period. Motorists need to be especially alert from sunset to dawn as deer are more active during this time.”

Motorists are reminded to:

  • Slow down if a deer crosses the road ahead. Deer often travel in groups and others may be nearby.
  • Watch the shoulder. Be alert for deer standing along the shoulder as they may suddenly move into the roadway. Slow down and sound your horn to scare them away.
  • Gradually brake to avoid hitting a deer but do not swerve as this may cause you to lose control of the vehicle, increasing the severity of the accident.
  • Be particularly attentive in the early morning and evening periods.
  • Stay alert and slow down in areas where deer crossing signs are posted. These indicate locations of frequent deer activity.