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Cambridge, Oxford and St. Michaels Awarded Working Waterfront Grants

Program Preserves and Revitalizes Maryland’s Maritime Communities

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has awarded three municipalities: the City of Cambridge, the Town of Oxford and the Town of St. Michaels, with financial and technical assistance through the Working Waterfronts Program, a state initiative that aids in the preservation and revitalization of current and historic marine-based communities.

“The culture, history and identity of Maryland’s coastal communities is inextricably linked to the Chesapeake Bay and those who work the water,” Chesapeake and Coastal Service Director Matthew Fleming said. “These waterfront communities are home to marine-dependent businesses and industries, be it boating, commerce, seafood or tourism, which support local jobs and the broader economy. The department looks forward to working with these three communities to enhance and protect their character and heritage.”

All three municipalities will work with local, county and state professionals, and associated stakeholder groups to address various community needs, including economic development and revitalization, maritime job growth, and strategic planning and zoning.

The Working Waterfronts Program grants are made possible by a partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Local governments in the coastal zone are encouraged to apply for financial assistance and technical expertise to complete one-year projects focused on planning or implementation.