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Historic Property Conserved on the Lower Eastern Shore

WICO-Graham_BL20151208_0025The Maryland Environmental Trust has conserved a 446-acre agricultural and woodland tract along the Wetipquin Creek near Quantico in Wicomico County. The owner of the property, Donald C. Graham, chose to work with the trust to permanently protect this ecologically and historically significant site.

“We are grateful to Mr. Graham for his decision to preserve this exceptional property,” Director of the Maryland Environmental Trust Bill Leahy said. “This easement is an important part of Maryland’s history and its natural resources, and will be a lasting legacy for future generations.”

Home to an abundance of fish and wildlife, the property contains nearly 200 wooded acres, 58 wetland acres, along with portions of the Wetipquin Creek and its tributaries Deep Branch and Horner Gut. Approximately 180 acres is in active agricultural use.

The property also contains the historic and architecturally significant house known as Long Hill, which dates back to the mid 18th century and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Long Hill derives its historical significance from its long association with the Dashiell family, several of whom took an active role in the affairs of colonial Maryland. Graham, a descendant of the Dashiells, acquired the property because of its historical and personal significance. The easement contains provisions that preserve the house’s exterior facades and require the landowner to periodically share its exterior for public viewing.

With extensive frontage along Wetipquin Road, Deep Branch Road and Spry Larmore Road, the property offers scenic rural views for travelers. Views of the property can also be seen from Wetipquin Creek, navigable by paddlers.

The Maryland Environmental Trust, a unit of the Department of Natural Resources, is governed by a citizen board of trustees. The trust holds over 1,800 easements protecting close to 130,000 acres in Maryland. For more information, visit