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Snow safety

From the office of Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH), at the Maryland Department of Labor…

There are real dangers associated with snow, snow removal and travel!

So here are a few important winter weather safety tips to help:

  • When clearing roadways please wear reflective clothing so that others can SEE YOU.
  • Keep a close watch on traffic.
  • NEVER assume that drivers can see you.
  • Use signage and vehicles to block the lanes from oncoming traffic.
  • When driving, always be aware of the road crews clearing the snow.
  • Give them sufficient clearance and REDUCE YOUR SPEED.


When clearing snow from around buildings and overhead structures, be mindful of the dangers from falling snow.

When snow melts, it slides easily from roofs and overhead structures.

  • This melting, falling snow could strike a person with such force, it can cause a fatal injury.


  • If you must get on your roof to remove snow, work as far from the roof edge as possible.
  • Do not work alone!
  • If you absolutely must work near the roof’s edge, please remember to use fall protection.
  • Roofs covered with snow are slippery! Keep focused, so you do not lose your footing and fall.

For more safety tips for employers, employees and all Marylanders, please check out MOSH’s website.