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Grants Available for Communities to Address Impacts of Storm Events, Flooding and Sea Level Rise

Smith Island by Lindsay Ringgold

Smith Island by Lindsay Ringgold

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is providing Community Resiliency Grants to local governments to prepare for weather-related hazards, including flooding, storm events and sea level rise.

“Community Resiliency Grants take a big picture approach to mitigating local storm and flooding events,” Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton said. “Through this program, we aim to create twofold solutions that protect not only our residents and our infrastructure, but also the Chesapeake Bay watershed and water quality.”

At least one proposal will be awarded in each of the two categories: CoastSmart Communities, coastal communities looking to plan and prepare for hazards; and new this year, Green Infrastructure Resiliency, any community (including non-coastal) experiencing frequent flooding from intense weather events.

  • Open to all Maryland coastal communities, CoastSmart Communities provides funding for local governments to plan for future flooding caused by both tidal and rain events. Actions include incorporating lower-risk planning scenarios into everyday decision-making and adopting long-term strategic plans. This program also focuses on helping residents, business owners, officials and planners understand existing hazards and the actions that can be taken to maintain a community’s identity and cultural heritage.
  • Open to all communities, Green Infrastructure Resiliency funding intends to help local governments plan and carry out projects to reduce localized flooding risks. Project examples include green infrastructure practices such as rain gardens, permeable pavement, bio-retention areas, and infiltration trenches that focus on addressing floodplain and stormwater management while improving water quality.

Applicants in either category may choose to submit a Community Resiliency Grant application in one of three areas: understanding vulnerability and risk; updating planning responses; or carrying out risk reduction strategies and green infrastructure projects. Projects should help communities more clearly communicate the risks associated with hazards such as flooding, storm events and sea level rise in order to better protect citizens, infrastructure and natural resources.

Applications are due by March 4, 2016. For more information or to apply, click here. Questions regarding CoastSmart Communities projects should be directed to Kate Skaggs at or 410-260-8743; those interested in Green Infrastructure Resiliency, should contact Megan Granato at or 410-260-8799.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources receives additional funding for CoastSmart Communities grants from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration; assistance for the Green Infrastructure Resiliency grants provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.