DNR to Begin Spring Trout Stocking in February
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DNR to Begin Spring Trout Stocking in February

Josh Henesy with DNR Fisheries stocks trout

Josh Henesy with DNR Fisheries stocks trout

Maryland Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologists will begin stocking rainbow and brown trout in early February, depending on stream, ground and weather conditions. By the start of summer, more than 337,000 trout will have been released in about 130 streams and lakes statewide.

“Trout fishing holds a special place among my lifelong memories. When I was young and just learning how to fish, my dad invested the time to take me trout fishing. This became an annual event for us to spend time together, and now I do the same with my kids,” said Tom O’Connell, DNR Fisheries Service director. “This trout fishing opportunity is made possible by fishing license and trout stamp revenues, which allow DNR to hatch, grow and stock fish across the state.”

The stocking schedule is available online, and at DNR regional service centers and license vendors throughout the state. DNR also offers anglers an online trout stocking map and a new interactive access map to help them find the hot spots.

DNR Fisheries Service posts stocking updates on its Facebook, Twitter and trout fishing pages, and through its email news service. Anglers may also call 800-688-3467 for a recorded weekly update.

Everyone is encouraged to follow the action and post their experiences on the DNR Angler’s Log, a public sharing and bragging board.

Put-and-take areas have a five trout limit and specific closures depending on location. This year, the closure program has been significantly simplified by the removal of periods 3 and 4, meaning there are two closure periods on newly stocked waters. For 2015, closure 1 runs from March 8-28. Closure 2 applies to specified waters from March 22-28. Consult the 2015 Maryland Fishing Guide to learn which periods apply to your trout fishing area, and restrictions for other special management areas.

The daily limit in areas that are not put-and-take or special management areas is two trout with no minimum size and no closed season.

Maryland fishing licenses and trout stamps are not required for anglers 15 and younger.

DNR hosts an online licensed charter boats and fishing guides page to help anglers find professionals who can introduce them to new experiences.

Anglers should clean and dry their gear between streams and outings to prevent the spread of harmful invaders such as didymo and whirling disease. This can be done by washing waders, boots and other items with dish soap or a five percent salt solution, or at wader wash stations located at the popular access points.

Anglers who catch and register a trout that meets or exceeds the Angler Award minimum sizes ─ 20 inches for a Rainbow and 21 inches for a Brown ─ will earn a certificate, a free pass to the Maryland Seafood Festival, and the chance to win great prizes at the 2015 Maryland Fishing Challenge Finale in September.

  • relgna

    Yeah. I can’t wait till the first stocking.

  • troutman Dave

    Thanks DNR you do a great job with the trout program, I have also showed a few kids to fish and soon to be grandsons. Keep up the great tradition…….

  • Adam

    Montgomery County is missing from the online trout stocking map. Looking forward to next month and being able to finally get a line in the water!

  • Tyson Brown

    When did they do pre season stocking? I wanna catch trout now

    • kking13

      Mr. Brown,
      Trout fishing is open in Maryland year round. The only closures are in designated waters in March. Cosult the online 2015 MD Fishing Guide pages 22 & 23 for information on the closures –http://www.eregulations.com/maryland/fishing/pageFlip

      Karis King
      DNR Office of Communications

  • Bobby Lantz

    Thanks for ruining Trout season for those who can only fish on saturdays. With only one closure period the truck followers will have the streams fished out in no time.

  • Martin Muscelli

    Yes, many thanks to the DNR. I have had years of fun and excitement trout fishing thanks to this program. It really gets me when people complain about the price of hunting and fishing license’s, I look at it this way, even if it cost $250 a year for both it gives you pretty much 7 days a week 365 days a year worth of enjoyment, you can walk out your door any time of the year and relax and enjoy nature as well as provide some good food for your family :)

    • kking13

      Mr. Muscell,
      Thanks for the kind comments. You are right! $25.50 is about the cost of a movie, large popcorn, and a fake lemonade. Once the movie is over, that’s it. And, fishing is always in high definition 3-D. See you out there!

      -Joe Evans, DNR Fisheries Service Public Affairs.

  • James

    How do I find out what day prestocking is on In lake elkhorn I really need to know

  • the old anglet

    Ever since the whirling disease hit the people who do the stocking of trout did figure they can put as few trout as they want and no one will say anything.
    Say if a pond or stream is due to get 500 trout, they will put in 50 or 100 fish at times and say they have put in 500 trout, as at the Severn Run last year.

    This is not worth going fishing when they do that.

    The old angler

  • bruce kalski

    Thank you DNR! This is a great program that benefits many. I always buy a trout stamp even though I’m a smallmouth bass man at heart. I do enjoy caching trout while fishing for smallmouth though. Thanks again for the memories!

    • kking13

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback!
      Karis King
      DNR Office of Communication

  • Mike

    I thinks is great that Maryland is slowly doing away with the closures. Fishing should be relaxing but who can relax when you have everybody and their brother walking right up beside you and fishing. As far as the the truck follower. Yes they will follow the stock truck so therfore they normally only fish the stream the day it is stocked and onto the next stream the next day. If you call yourself a fisherman there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be able to catch trout for weeks after the stream is stocked. Get off your 5 gallon bucket and “fish” the stream. The only issues I have is that ever since the whirling disease issue the size of the stocked fish have declined greatly and why would you ever stock a trout that only 6 sixes long , which I have caught many off since whirling disease. Maryland should attempted to to have more indoor hatcheries which would prevent the issue of the water being frozen and preventing the feeding of the fish for several weeks at a time or raise the fish for more than a few months before stocking.