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Behind the Uniform: Spc. Jameka Sledge

Spc. Jameka Sledge, a military police with the 200th Military Police Company, who has served for two years in the military.

Why did you join the MDNG?

“I always wanted to work in law enforcement. When I visited a police department, they had a couple of Guard members out there. They were telling us about the benefits and how it would be to serve in the National Guard part-time while working in local law enforcement as well. So, I thought it would be a good idea to dabble in it and see how it would be. I thought it was a good fit for me.”

How does it feel to work in the community?

“I think it makes me feel really good. Just knowing that sense of being able to support and assist people in need. Normally, everybody needs a little hope, when it comes to certain things. I feel like in certain situations, when they see us in this uniform, we present hope for those who may be in doubt in whatever situation.”

How has the interactions with civilians been while serving in the community?

“My interactions have been good so far. When I’m in uniform, I go to the store or go anywhere, people see me and say ‘thank you for your service’ with smiles and love. People are happy that we’re here and people are happy that they feel protected.”

What part of your training has prepared you the most for COVID missions?

“I think every part of my training helped me prepare. It made me both mentally and physically challenged with the long hours that we worked and then also being able to know how to interact with people on a day-to-day basis.”

What is your favorite part of being a soldier?

“I think just being able to be there for someone, like that sense of somebody needs something, I’m able to be in a position that helps.”

How has it been balancing military service and family time during the past few years?

“At first it was complicated because I wasn’t fully aware of all the resources that the military had to offer. At the start of the pandemic, it was a lot of jobs being cut and hours changed. I didn’t know we had assistance for childcare. It was just a bad crisis, but it opened my eyes to more of what is offered to me.”

How has serving during COVID impacted/changed you as a soldier?

“It made me better with my time management and mental stability. Making sure that I balance family and whatever obligations I may have here. Also, making sure that whatever is going on at home doesn’t come off the wrong way when I’m in uniform. It allowed me to create a balance within myself.”

What is the next thing for you after this mission is over?

“Back to my civilian life and back to part-time military.”

Your favorite part of being a Soldier:

“I think just being able to be there for someone,…”


A member of the 200th Military Police Company, who has served two years in the military.