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Behind the Uniform: Pvt. Alvert Mclane

Pvt. Alvert Mclane, a military police with the 200th Military Police Company, who has served six years in the military.

Why did you join the MDNG?

“I joined the Maryland National Guard due to life situations, I had to figure out how I was going to progress my life so I joined.”

How does it feel to work in the community?

“It feels very empowering to work in my community. When people see the uniform, they don’t just see a Soldier, they see compassion, they see a leader, they see somebody in their community that they can depend on.”

How has the interactions with civilians been while serving in the community?

“Sometimes you get those people who don’t believe in what you’re doing based upon their own personal views. Majority of people definitely respect our service because they realize this is a sacrifice that we’re making, even though you volunteered, it’s still an obligation and it’s a love. Being a Soldier is a different love then anything you’re ever doing in your life. You meet new people and learn about new cultures. It’s like the military is a mixing pot of so many different people and personalities. You grow in different aspects you never thought possible.”

Have you participated in any other COVID related missions?

“Yes, I was on the first COVID mission. When we went out to Baltimore that was an experience. Being in the National Guard, you get to be a Soldier and a civilian. So you’re watching your community look at you, and you get both sides. As a Soldier you stand in the middle. And that is something that no one can take away.”

What part of your training has prepared you the most for COVID missions?

“My training has prepared me for the COVID missions in multiple ways. While working in the community I learned that if you don’t know how to communicate and reach an individual, you’re not going to get that person to maximize their opportunity or do what has to be done. My training in interpersonal communication skills has taught me a lot that has been useful in the field.”

What is your favorite part of being a soldier?

“My favorite part of being a Soldier is the diversity. Being a Soldier is a lifestyle for me, it’s not just about putting on the uniform and calling myself a Soldier. I have been going through a lot as a person because it is very difficult to be a Soldier and a civilian at the same time. However, when you become more with oneself and understand how much of an impact you truly have once the uniform is on, you can change the world one step at a time.”

How has it been balancing military service and family time during the past few years?

“Balancing that time has definitely been difficult. You spend a lot of time away from your family. However, when your family need you the most the military makes sure you can be there.”

What has been the greatest challenge serving during the COVID epidemic?

“The greatest challenge has been me. You spend so much time working, with your family, or around other people that you don’t have time for yourself to figure out your thoughts and who you are as a person. It’s been an amazing roller coaster. I’m evolving into somebody that I’ve never thought I’d become – it definitely is amazing.”

What has been the greatest reward serving during COVID?

“The greatest reward has been learning one’s self, being able to teach others and lead others.”

What is the next thing for you after this mission is over?

“Going back to school for computer science. I am a musician outside of the military. So my mission after this is to spread love to the world to help people see things that they might not see in themselves. Because I’ve had a lot of leadership see things that I never saw myself. So, I’m going to do that for everyone.”

The greatest reward serving during COVID:

“The greatest reward has been learning one’s self, being able to teach others and lead others.”