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Behind the Uniform: Cadet Jennifer Robinson

Cadet Jennifer Robinson, a military police Soldier.

Cadet Jennifer Robinson, a military police Soldier with the 29th Military Police Company, who has served about one year in the military.

Why did you join the MDNG?

“They offered me a scholarship opportunity to pay for school. I also wanted to be able to still be home, maintain a civilian job and maintain both aspects of civilian/Army life.”

How does it feel to work in the community?

“I enjoy it. When I’m not in the Army, I do firefighting on the volunteer side. So I like to stay active with the community. I don’t like just to sit at a desk. Being part of what’s going on and be involved is why I joined the Army.”

How has the interactions with civilians been while serving in the community?

“I personally have not had much civilian interaction. Mostly because of my rank and position I can’t really go out and be activated.

Have you participated in any other COVID related missions?

“I have not been in any COVID missions.”

What part of your training has prepared you?

“Shadowing the officers, understanding what their role is because that is what I will be doing once I commission. Understanding the responsibilities of being a leader.”

What is your favorite part of being a soldier?

“Really just being out there in the field and doing the hands on training. Getting to see the stuff we do, not just the admin side of things.”

How has it been balancing military service and family time during the past few years?

“Family, and I’ll say academic to it can be kind of tough. I managed to make it work so far. And I continue to but it just makes it a little tougher. But in the day I still get done what I need to do.”

How has serving during COVID impacted/changed you as a soldier?

“I realized how much we really do as soldiers and what we’re involved in.”

What has been the greatest challenge serving during the COVID epidemic?

“From the cadet side, I’ve missed out on opportunities for training. Things got rushed, a lot of stuff was changing as I was preparing for my senior year. So, I kind of learned to adapt to the changing climate and still be able to be successful.”

What has been the greatest reward serving during COVID?

“How it built me up as a person with confidence and be a leader in training and also working with other people. Because prior to coming to college and being in the military, I was much more of a timid person. I’ve really enjoyed that, that aspect of how it’s bettering myself as a person.”

What is the next thing for you after this mission is over?

“Continue to go back to school, attend my drill dates and commission in May.”

Your time in service:

“So I’ve sworn in to the National Guard my junior year. So it’s been roughly about a year. I started the cadet program my freshman year. So I’m going into my fourth academic year.”