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Behind the Uniform: Sgt. Dontrell Moaney

Sgt. Dontrell Moaney a healthcare specialist.

Sgt. Dontrell Moaney, a health care specialist in the 104th Medical Company Area Support, who has served about 10 years in the military.

Why did you join the Maryland National Guard?

“Originally it was for school benefits, but then after time you just grow to like it.”

How does it feel to work in the community during this time?

“I like it, I like to see the people coming out to get their vaccines or even just the test kits or masks. That way, I know they are being safe when they go back in public. It’s really good to know that we can supply that, so us doing it right on the fly, just show up and we give it to you, that’s really good.”

What part of your training has prepared you most for this activation?

“I’d say it’s all the stuff we had to do before as far as how to handle the different vaccines. As well as because we are out here we have to do research, because people do come with questions. So all the training we had prior for different types of vaccines, management, as well as how to administer them. That’s been the most helpful I think.”

What is your favorite part about being a service member?

“I’d say helping out people, whether it’s soldiers or just in general talking with people and getting their experience and learning from them as well.”

What are you doing to deal with stress?

“I play video games once the day is done, I might just watch videos online, or talk with my friends.”

What is the next thing for you after this mission is over?

“Got to get back to normal life. Well, on the civilian side I do IT work. So once these missions are done and we get back to normal drill status, I’ll start transitioning over to look for a new job in IT.”

Your favorite part of being a Soldier:

“I’d say helping out people…”