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Maryland State Police News Release

Police Continue Efforts To Combat Street Racing And Excessive Exhaust Noise In Montgomery Co. This Weekend

(ROCKVILLE, MD) – As part of their ongoing efforts to address street racing and excessive exhaust noise in Montgomery County, police are conducting another saturation patrol this weekend in concentrated areas known for the noise and illegal activity.

The initiative will take place Saturday, November 7, 2020 in the area of MD Route 124 in Gaithersburg.  The joint operation is the fifth initiative to be conducted since Labor Day weekend. The coordinated efforts among Montgomery County law enforcement partners is a response to citizen complaints in the region.

To date, the overall combined efforts of all four initiatives conducted by law enforcement agencies working in Montgomery County to address aggressive driving, street racing and the excessive noise caused by modified exhaust systems has yielded the following results:

  • 308 traffic stops
  • 216 citations
  • 172 warnings
  • 55 safety equipment repair orders
  • 15 arrests

Tomorrow’s enforcement efforts will be conducted by Maryland State Police from the Rockville Barrack and officers from the Gaithersburg City Police Department. Throughout the past four operations, troopers from the Rockville Barrack have been assisted by state troopers from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, officers from the Gaithersburg City Police Department, Montgomery County Police Department, and Maryland Transportation Authority Police.  Personnel from the Maryland Department of Transportation have also assisted with the combined efforts.

Maryland State Police highway safety initiatives in this region and throughout the state will continue, in cooperation with local law enforcement partners.  Please obey the speed limit, do not drive aggressively or impaired and always buckle up.


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