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Maryland State Police News Release

The Maryland State Police, College Park Barrack, Calls For Service and Arrest: 8/5/19-8/11/19

This press release is designed to inform the public of our commitment to ensuring safety and enforcing the laws in Maryland.

Our message this week is slow down.  We strongly urge everyone to slow down and obey the posted speed limit.  The Maryland State Police respond to an ample amount of calls related to collisions where speed is the main cause.  Generally speaking, the majority of the motorists travelling on our roadways are in a hurry and/or are late traveling to their destination.  With the increasing number of vehicles driving on the highway, slowed traffic is the norm.  When you add speed to slowing traffic it becomes a dangerous and potentially fatal situation.  Plan your day to allow time for slowed traffic especially during rush hour times.  As a general rule, for every 10mph you are traveling, you should leave at least one full car length of space between you and the vehicle in front.  That means if you are traveling at 60mph, you should have at least six car lengths between you and the vehicle in front.  Our family’s lives depend on it.

Reporting period 8/5/19-8/11/19

Vehicle collisions that required a report: 35

Vehicle collisions that did not require a report: 25

Community policing activity: 7

Disabled/unattended vehicles: 15

DUI arrests: 5

Miscellaneous: 15

Premise checks: 12

Probable cause searches for drugs: 1

Traffic stops: 280

Vehicle storages: 2

Criminal/civil investigations: 17 (Drugs, Theft, Assault etc.)


Below is a list of individuals that were arrested in this time period:

Date/Time:      Last name:       First name:      Charge:

08/05/2019 0104 Stanmore April DUI
08/05/2019 0736 Zacarias Harby Warrant
08/06/2019 0528 Ways Shelley Warrant
08/06/2019 0944 Robinson Rafael Warrant
08/07/2019 2030 Steiner Andrew DUI
08/08/2019 2049 Banks Charles Poss Marijuana -Less Than 10 Grams
08/08/2019 2313 Hernandez Salvador Willian DUI
08/08/2019 2315 MARTINEZ ARAGON RICHARTH Assault Second Degree
08/08/2019 2320 AREVALO VASQUEZ YESENIA Assault Second Degree
08/11/2019 0613 Gallego Kalif DUI
08/11/2019 2359 Rivas Michael DUI

CONTACT: D/Sgt. Pietanza, Maryland State Police, College Park Barrack, (301)345-3101