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Maryland State Police News Release

Troopers Investigate Student Pedestrian Collision

       This morning, at approximately 7:15 AM, troopers from the Bel Air Barrack responded to a motor vehicle collision on MD Rt. 152 (Mountain Road) at Carrs Mill Road, Fallston, involving a pedestrian. The investigation revealed that a 17 year old male, who is a student at Fallston High School, drove to and parked his vehicle at a church on Carrs Mill Road and began to walk to school. The student told troopers that he did not see any cars coming when he ran across Rt. 152. The vehicle, a 2006 Hyundai Tucson, was travelling south on Rt. 152. Fortunately, the operator was attentive, saw the student run out and was able to slow the vehicle decreasing the severity of the collision. The student refused medical treatment and went to school. There were no charges issued

       Pedestrian safety is everyone’s responsibility. Motorists need to be aware that in the morning students may be walking to school or waiting for a bus and vice versa in the afternoon. Pedestrians need to be aware of their surroundings, and assume the motorist does not see them. Parents should speak to their children about the same, and be proactive in their safety, such as wearing reflective material .