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Maryland State Police News Release

Troopers assist toddler having seizure

(North East, MD)  On August 3, 2018 at about 10:50 PM an adult female entered the State Police North East Barrack lobby holding a small toddler in her arms screaming for help. The child appeared to be having a seizure, although conscious the toddler appeared to have difficulty breathing.

The Duty Officer, Corporal Spayd, immediately took the child from the mother and began to render aid. The toddler was placed on her side on a flat surface to allow her airway to open. The child began to breath easier, however it appeared to be difficult for her.  Corporal Spayd could also sense the child’s body heat was above average.  The toddler appeared to be suffering from fever-induced seizures.  Corporal Spayd directed the Police Communications Officer to have Cecil County EMS respond to the Barrack to assist. Trooper First Class Porter, who was also at the Barrack, began to assist first by retrieving ice packs and towels. TFC Porter also observed built-up mucus in the child’s throat, so he removed the mucus in hopes to make her breathing easier. The ice packs were applied to the child’s torso in an attempt to reduce her fever.

Upon the arrival of Cecil County EMS, the child was treated and then transported to Union Hospital. EMS advised the child’s fever broke, and her body temperature came down to a safe level prior to leaving the Barrack. Emergency Services stated if Corporal Spayd and TFC Porter has not rendered aid the seizures would have continued and may have caused further damage to the child’s health.