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Maryland State Police News Release

Virtual Food Drive Launched By Golden Ring Barrack

(MIDDLE RIVER, MD) – In an effort to support children who may go hungry during summer months and assist the Maryland Food Bank during a period when food donations can decrease, the members of the Maryland State Police Golden Ring Barrack are launching a virtual food drive to address this community need.

Beginning Wednesday, June 20, 2018, troopers and civilian employees at the Golden Ring Barrack will coordinate a month-long virtual food drive.  Those wishing to donate can do so on-line, where they are provided options for the type of food they would like to donate, based on a determination by the Maryland Food Bank regarding what items are most needed.  This helps ensure the right foods needed by the most people are obtained.  People may also choose to donate any dollar amount under the ‘general donation’ category.

“The Maryland State Police Golden Ring Barrack is committed to supporting the community we serve,” Lt. Diane Hansen, commander of the Golden Ring Barrack said.  “We recognize that when summer comes, many children are forced to go without the daily meals they had been provided at school.  No child should go hungry, so the Golden Ring Barrack has decided to hold a virtual food drive to supplement the Maryland Food Bank during the summer months.”

The generosity of Marylanders is well-known and on display every day in our state.  To donate to this virtual food drive, go to

The Golden Ring Barrack virtual food drive will continue through July 20th.  Donations can be made at any time during the month.  Please join the troopers and civilian employees of the Golden Ring Barrack in supporting this important cause.

CONTACT:    Lt. Diane Hansen – Commander – Golden Ring Barrack – 410-780-2700

Greg Shipley – Office of Media Comm. – 410-653-4236