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Parent Perspective: Parent Volunteer Says “The Rewards are Immeasurable”

By Alberto Rosanova, Parent Volunteer and Parent Involvement Matters Award (PIMA) Semifinalist, Worton Elementary, Kent County Public Schools


Alberto Rosanova, 2015 Parent Involvement Matters Award Semifinalist, Kent County Public Schools

In 2013, when the Federal government entered a shut-down status for several days, I decided to offer my time as a volunteer at the Worton Elementary School. I joined the PTA Watch D.O.G. program and began my parent volunteer journey. My daughter’s school, which used to feel as a foreign place, quickly became a comfortable place to operate and make a difference as a volunteer.

As parent volunteer, my duties are numerous and diverse–running off copies, helping students who might need a little extra help in certain subject, or helping with fundraising events.

I quickly discovered the benefits of been a volunteer, and frankly I became addicted.

Several studies over the years have shown that when parents are involved in their children’s education and school, kids will go further and their schools improve. The local community strengthens and unifies in the interest of our children and their future. People who volunteer have a better sense of the total education picture, and see how dedicated so many people are to educate our community’s youth. More involvement results in better understanding, more trust-building, and commitment to even more support. School begins to feel like a family!

With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why I look forward to resuming my volunteer work this fall. The rewards are immeasurable.

I feel fortunate to be able to see the impact that teachers have on their students, and the academic progress of the kids throughout the year. I’ve quizzed them on their math and spelling, laughed at their jokes, held their hands, listened to stories about their families, celebrated their achievements.

I highly recommend other parents to take the opportunity to dedicate a few hours to see their kids’ environment at school and participate in their activities. Like me, soon you will realize the difference you can make in their life, and be rewarded to have impacted their development. Our teachers and our community need your help…. So please join in!

Alberto has been a leading member of Worton’s Watch D.O.G. Program, which was developed by the National Center for Fathering and designed to increase the number of positive male role models in schools. Alberto has logged more hours than any of the other volunteers and is the first to arrive and the last one to leave at all activities.