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MSDE Announces Recipients of Maryland Tutoring Corps Grant Program Awards

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MSDE Announces Recipients of Maryland Tutoring Corps Grant Program Awards

More than 80,000 students in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Wicomico County expected to benefit from high-impact tutoring program.

BALTIMORE, MD (October 5, 2023) – The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) unveiled a monumental $28 million investment today in the Maryland Tutoring Corps Grant Program, cementing the commitment to significantly enhance middle and high school math proficiency, especially amongst historically underserved students. Funds will be awarded to Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore County Public Schools, and Wicomico County Public Schools.

This move, an answer to President Biden’s clarion call for tutors nationwide, also seeks to realize the National Partnership for Student Success (NPSS) objectives – a partnership Maryland joined upon the announcement of this program in June.

The grant, a beacon of MSDE’s unwavering dedication to educational progress, is poised to impact over 80,000 students and induct more than 1,000 tutors in the initial phase. Bolstered by Governor Wes Moore’s allocation of more than $20 million in American Rescue Plan funds, MSDE anticipates the collaboration to yield lasting benefits, underpinned by research and community engagement.

“Governor Wes Moore and the Maryland State Department of Education are showing the nation what it means to Raise the Bar for learning recovery and math proficiency,” said U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. “Maryland’s leadership is a reminder that President Biden’s American Rescue Plan and other federal investments provide states with a historic opportunity to put high-quality, evidence-based strategies for academic recovery into practice. I applaud Maryland for joining the National Partnership for Student Success and for answering President Biden’s call on states, districts, and community partners to provide students with the extra supports they need to recover academically and thrive in the classroom.”

“Through the Maryland Tutoring Corps, we are engineering an educational renaissance. Our children are the bedrock of Maryland’s future, and we are committed to equipping them with robust math proficiency, an undeniable catalyst for academic and life successes,” stated Governor Wes Moore. “This grant symbolizes more than just funds—it’s an investment in every child’s future, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for Maryland.”

State Board of Education President Clarence Crawford added, “The heart of education is opportunity—ensuring every student can chase their dreams with the tools and knowledge they need. While we recognize the challenges our students face, especially in secondary math, we see even greater potential. The Maryland Tutoring Corps is our commitment to tapping into that potential, ensuring our students don’t just catch up, but soar ahead. With each step we take, such as this significant initiative, we are building an educational foundation that’s not only robust for today but resilient for the challenges of tomorrow.”

“Secondary math proficiency isn’t just about reaching an academic benchmark—it’s a foundational skill that opens doors to a wide range of opportunities in both education and the workforce,” said State Superintendent of Schools Mohammed Choudhury. “The Maryland Tutoring Corps isn’t just a temporary response to a present challenge; it’s a deliberate investment in our students’ long-term futures. We aim for a system where every student who needs math support, no matter their background, can access research-based, effective, high-quality math tutoring and the support they need to succeed. With this initiative, we’re taking a concrete step towards ensuring that math education in Maryland is both inclusive and effective, preparing our students for the demands of the 21st century. This grant brings that vision one step closer to reality.”

The districts’ strategies include targeted assessments and partnerships with colleges and universities.

“Improving math proficiency is key to preparing our students for lifelong success, but we can’t mitigate the learning losses caused by the pandemic alone, particularly in grades 6 through 8. This grant award builds on our proven strategy of extending learning opportunities to those students through tutoring, supported by institutions of higher learning and other experts,” said Baltimore City Public Schools Chief Executive Officer Sonja Brookins Santelises. “This is a critical moment for our system and Maryland overall to turn the tide on math proficiency. We’re pleased to be at the forefront of that work.”

Dr. Micah Stauffer, Superintendent of Wicomico County Schools, said, “This significant financial support will bolster our ongoing initiatives aimed at enhancing educational outcomes for our students. With this grant, we are empowered to expand our resources and establish valuable partnerships, enabling us to offer targeted small group tutoring sessions specifically designed to boost student achievement in middle school mathematics. We believe that this investment will have a profound and positive impact on the academic success of our students, underscoring our dedication to delivering high-quality education and support to our students.”

Maryland seeks not just to address today’s disparities; but to also lay down the foundation for a sustainable, highly effective math intervention program that will become the gold standard moving forward. The Maryland Tutoring Corps also successfully generated local matching efforts to sustain the program beyond the life of the grant performance period. These local funds supplement funds being awarded by MSDE.

More information about the grantees and their plans for tutoring programs is described below.

Baltimore City Public Schools

Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) is driving forward a focused initiative to expand in-person, high-quality math tutoring for students in grades 6-8 and Algebra through strategic partnerships with renowned colleges and universities. Representing a diverse student body of 75,995, with significant proficiency gaps in math, City Schools aims to harness and extend its existing literacy tutoring model to bolster math proficiency. Collaborating with premier institutions such as UMBC, Morgan State University, and Johns Hopkins University, the school system seeks to mobilize 200 college students to tutor approximately 4,000 middle school students, all identified as needing academic support. With this effort, City Schools anticipates setting students on a trajectory towards grade-level proficiency.

Baltimore County Public Schools

Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), Maryland’s third-largest school system with 111,083 students, is initiating the Math-Mentored Minds (M3) program to counteract pandemic-induced learning setbacks, particularly middle school. BCPS is partnering with UMBC and Towson University to establish an impactful tutoring model. Their strategy emphasizes a tailored approach, informed by school-specific data stories from Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) and Measure of Academic Performance (MAP) tests, to deliver focused tutoring to students, deploying nuanced tutoring ratios of no more than 4:1 based on student need to deliver the highest impact.

Wicomico County Public Schools

Wicomico County Public Schools (WCPS) has unveiled a strategic initiative to enhance math proficiency among middle school students in grades 6-8. Serving a student demographic notably challenged in math proficiency, WCPS is set to integrate rigorous intervention and high-dosage tutoring. In collaboration with Salisbury University, the program plans to recruit and employ 30 tutors, primarily composed of college students, retired educators, and community members. Through this approach, WCPS anticipates that at least 60% of all students involved will meet or surpass their individual growth targets, as set by the MAP assessment, aiming for a brighter, mathematically proficient future.

In this defining moment for Maryland’s educational future, the Maryland Tutoring Corps emerges not merely as a reaction to the present, but a visionary leap towards an unparalleled academic future. As MSDE pivots from challenge to opportunity, the Maryland Tutoring Corps signifies the Department’s unyielding commitment to pioneering excellence in education.

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Maryland Tutoring Corps Awards – 10.05.2023