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Maryland State Board of Education Signs Resolution to Take Transformative Action to Create World-Class Education System in Maryland


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Maryland State Board of Education Signs Resolution to
Take Transformative Action to Create World-Class
Education System in Maryland

New Resolution Frames Urgency for Bold Transformation Needed to Achieve Excellent and Equitable Outcomes for Every Maryland Child

BALTIMORE, MD (April 26, 2022)With the return of full-time, in-person instruction across the State, today the Maryland State Board of Education signed a resolution to enact bold, transformative change in Maryland’s public schools to achieve excellent and equitable outcomes for every Maryland child. The resolution underscores the State Board of Education’s commitment and partnership with the Maryland State Department of Education to lead the implementation of the once-in-a-generation Blueprint for Maryland’s Future with a new strategic plan, so that all students are prepared and poised for success in their college and career choices.

Committed to ensuring a bright future for every Maryland child, Board members signed the resolution, which outlines the mission of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and the promise to work collaboratively and transparently with families, educators, local education agencies, local boards of education and other stakeholders in its implementation.

“This time last year, we issued a resolution calling for the return of in-person, full-time instruction for every Maryland child, because we knew our children were best served by their school communities. Having achieved that, we now turn our undivided attention to the urgent need to boldly transform our school communities to places where every child can achieve and succeed,” said Maryland State Board of Education President Clarence C. Crawford. “Today’s resolution calls for us to define the educational experience in Maryland to one that mirrors the vision of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future to provide an equitable and excellent education for every Maryland child. Every child.” 

“We have said it before – we cannot accept a return to normal, because normal was not good enough, especially for those who have been historically underserved. Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not,” said Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Mohammed Choudhury. “As the Board and Department develop the strategic plan, we will remain collaborative as we engage all stakeholders to move forward and become better. We are seizing the opportunity presented by this moment to get this right for Maryland’s children.”

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is landmark legislation intended to transform Maryland’s early childhood, primary, and secondary education system into a world class education system. Through major policy and funding reforms, the mission of the Blueprint is to elevate student performance and eliminate achievement and opportunity gaps.

The resolution pointed to startling data that even before the pandemic, the education experience in Maryland did not prepare all students for post-secondary success. In 2019, 57 percent of 10th-grade students and 59 percent of third-grade student were not proficient in English language arts. Seventy-three percent of students were not proficient in Algebra I. It further states that the pandemic only exacerbated the broad achievement gaps among historically underserved student groups that were present before the health emergency. In 2019, children of color and economically disadvantaged backgrounds were less likely to achieve in these subject areas: 75 percent of Black boys were not proficient in math in third grade, and 76 percent of students eligible for Free and Reduced-Priced Meals were not proficient in English language arts in third grade.

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04.26.22 MSBE Resolution Press Release