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Maryland SAT Participation Rises to 77% for Class of 2019

Exam Taken By Record Number of Public School Graduates

BALTIMORE The number of public school graduates across Maryland who participated in the SAT Assessments rose significantly compared to 2018, with more than 3,000 additional students in the class of 2019 taking the exam, according to data released today by the College Board. Seventy-seven percent of the public school class of 2019 were SAT takers, compared to 72 percent of the class of 2018.

Important gains were made in the numbers of black/African American and Hispanic/Latino students who took the assessment, a key indicator for postsecondary education readiness. Additionally, compared to 2018, participation by Hispanic/Latino students was up by nearly 30 percent, while 5.8 percent more black/African American students took the exam.

The composite score for graduating Maryland public school students was 1041 for the class of 2019, dropping from 1066 for the class of 2018. However, a total of 43,587 students took the exam, compared to 40,571 students last year and 36,329 students in 2017.

Dr. Karen Salmon, State Superintendent of Schools, pointed out that the steady rise in SAT participation indicates that a growing number of Maryland students are planning and preparing for college or the workforce as they complete high school.

Dr. Salmon stated, “As we expand our reach among students throughout every community, it is natural for us to have a slight calibration in scores as these first-time test takers learn and grow. We are proud that more students than ever before are thinking about their future beyond high school, and I am confident that our scores will continue their recent upward trend as this rigorous exam becomes integrated into all schools.”

In terms of scores, Maryland graduates scored above the national total for public school students. The composite score nationally among public school students was 1039, which was below Maryland’s score of 1041. The mean score for the evidence-based reading and writing section for Maryland public school students in the class of 2019 was 526, compared to the national public school mean of 524. The math scores for Maryland public school graduates and national public school SAT takers were the same, with both at 515.