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Maryland Receives $26.5 Million Toward Early Childhood System

Grant Will Help Continue Improvements to Mixed-Delivery Early Childhood System

BALTIMORE  The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) has been awarded a $26.8 million Preschool Development Birth through Five (PDG B-5) Renewal Grant. The grant will help continue the strategic planning and system development of the state’s mixed-delivery early childhood system. Maryland’s earliest learners start their education in a variety of settings, including center and family childcare providers, Head Start, schools, and other early learning centers and programs. The three-year renewal grant will allow MSDE, state/local partners, and stakeholders to enhance, expand, and build upon activities in the state’s PDG B-5 initial one-year grant.

Maryland’s vision is to develop a well-coordinated and integrated mixed-delivery system of programs, supports, and services where each child in the state has an opportunity to access high-quality early childhood experiences. These experiences allow children to arrive at school with a healthy body, healthy mind, and the foundational knowledge and skills needed to succeed. With this grant, the state will continue to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of comprehensive, two-generational services and supports for children from birth to age eight and their families who may be experiencing adversity.

Under the PDG B-5 Renewal Grant, MSDE plans to sustain effective approaches already underway including:

  • Modernizing Maryland’s early childhood data system
  • Training and coaching to support evidence-based curriculum for three and four year-olds
  • Professional development engaging young multi-language learners through WIDA Early Years
  • Promoting and supporting inclusive settings for young children with disabilities
  • Strengthening family engagement
  • Training and coaching for high-quality care and learning experiences for infants, toddlers and their families
  • Increasing alignment and opportunities across the state’s higher education system to support the early childhood workforce
  • Providing grants to local Early Childhood Advisory Councils and libraries to improve local service capacity and quality

Learn more about the PDG B-5 Initial and Renewal Grants by following this link.